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How Does Witch Hazel Help Hemorrhoids

The Downside To The Make Your Own Witch Hazel Hemorrhoid Cream

Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids Reviews – The Best Witch Hazel Hemorrhoid Product Reviews

The down side: However, before you get too far into making the witch hazel hemorrhoids cream, you should know that it is a very detailed, painstaking process that you will have to take quite a bit of care with. If youre unwilling or unable to take the care needed when compounding medications, then you will be better off if you just use commercial preparations.

When To Call A Doctor About Hemorrhoids

If youve never had hemorrhoids, but all of a sudden you experience discomfort, it may well be related to something else. If discomfort is accompanied by itching and youve recently returned from a trip abroad, for example, you might have parasites. You will need medical treatment to get rid of them. Bleeding from the rectum always warrants a trip to the doctor, says Leff. Hemorrhoids can never become cancer, but hemorrhoids can bleed and cancer can bleed. At other times, an enlarged vein in your anus can clot, creating a big, blue, swollen, hard area thats very painful. In most cases, your doctor can easily extract the clot.

Protects Against Skin Damage

Witch hazel is rich in tannins, a natural plant compound with powerful antioxidant properties that can help protect your skin against damage when applied topically.

One animal study found that tannins can act as a barrier, preventing inflammation-causing substances from entering your skin cells .

Whats more, a test-tube study showed that witch hazel helped neutralize harmful free radicals and prevented the spread of skin cancer cells .

Similarly, another animal study discovered that the tannins in witch hazel were able to slow skin tumor growth in mice exposed to radiation .

However, most research is currently limited to test-tube and animal studies. More studies are needed to evaluate the effects of witch hazel on humans.


Animal and test-tube studies have found that witch hazel and its components could prevent skin cancer growth and protect against skin damage.

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Why To Use Witch Hazel Toner

What are the benefits of using Witch Hazel toner? Protects the skin against skin cancer. Cancer is one of the biggest diseases in the world and skin cancer occurs when skin cells grow rapidly. Heals the skin. Climate change and other environmental changes can damage the skin. Perfect acne treatment. Tighten pores and pimples. Excellent natural anti-aging agent.

Making Homemade Suppository From Witch Hazel

How Witch Hazel Helps Hemorrhoids Like Nothing Else

Using witch hazel on hemorrhoids, you also could create a homemade suppository using witch hazel as well. This type of application is suitable for hemorrhoids that occur internally and could be used three times each day. Follow these steps to use how to treat hemorrhoids at home witch hazel by creating a homemade suppository.

  • Create a mix by using a little cocoa butter and a teaspoon of witch hazel tincture.
  • Shape the mixture to create a suppository by using small-sized plastic wrap.
  • Place it in the freezer for approximately an hour until its frozen.
  • Use glove to cover your hands and remove the frozen suppository from the freezer. If you use plastic wrap, you need to unwrap it first. If the suppository is too bulky, you can slice the suppository in half.
  • Apply lubrication to your anal.
  • Lie down and bend your knee. Pick up one part of your buttock using one hand.
  • Insert the suppository to your anal. Ensure the suppository goes in until it reaches your sphincter.
  • Press your sphincter for a while and keep lying down for five to ten minutes.
  • Get rid of your gloves then use soap and warm water to wash your hands.

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How Witch Hazel As A Hemorrhoids Treatment Works

The actual number of active ingredients in witch hazel are in the hundreds. Of these 100s, witch hazel contains eight different types of active ingredients that are known to affect hemorrhoids in a positive way.

Witch hazel when used as a hemorrhoids treatment, is normally in the form of a topical astringent. That is to say, the witch hazel is applied to your external hemorrhoids and it then causes the inflamed tissues to shrink and cool while making the blood vessels shrink. Considering that a hemorrhoid is basically a swollen blood vessel, you can see why witch hazel is quickly considered when you have hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel also has antibacterial properties that help keep hemorrhoids from getting infected, a distinct possibility for injured hemorrhoids scratched, bleeding considering the nature of the area.

The addition of isopropyl alcohol in most drugstore preparations adds a great deal of cooling and cleansing to the hemorrhoids treatment mix as well, and of course, this antibacterial action of witch hazel is enhanced by the isopropyl alcohol that witch hazel is most often combined with when used for hemorrhoids.

The first time you go see a doctor for hemorrhoid problems, one of the first things the doctor will often recommend, is using witch hazel for treating your hemorrhoids. In fact, witch hazel is actually a very popular and worthwhile herb for treating many symptoms that your external hemoirrhoids may be causing you.

Are Suppositories An Option

Some drugs can also be used in the form of normal suppositories, or suppositories with gauze inserts . These are inserted into the anus, where they stay and release the drug unlike normal suppositories that release the drug further up the bowel. It’s not clear whether suppositories can relieve the symptoms of enlarged hemorrhoids.

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How To Use Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids:

Witch hazel comes in the form of a cream. Apply a pea sized amount on the affected area three times a day and after every bowel movement.

For best results, use witch hazel after taking a sitz bath. It will help you for sure to soothe the pain and the itching.

However keep in mind that if you dont follow a simple basic treatment, the pain will return again with a vengeance.

Witch hazel works for an easy or new hemorrhoid attack, but it becomes inefficient in the case of a difficult case.

If your focus is just on getting rid of your external symptoms, using creams and other topical treatments, , it might help to partially and temporarily alleviate the symptoms and discomfort associated with your condition.

Thats OK if you want life dependency on expensive chemicals, with all of their side effects, but thats not what most people want.

If you want to achieve lasting freedom from the itching and bleeding and dramatically improve your well-being, then Watch This Free Presentation Where Jessica Wright a medical researcher, nutrition specialist and former chronic hemorrhoids sufferer Reveals 1 Weird Trick That Forces Your Body to Heal Hemorrhoids In 48 Hours Guaranteed!

Sitz Baths With Epsom Salts

How to Use Witch Hazel to Kill Hemorrhoids ? You can say goodbye hemorrhoids

A sitz bath is a localized, medically recommended soak of the affected area to relieve swelling and symptoms like itching. In other words, its just a warm bath for your hemorrhoids! There are sitz bath bowls you can buy that fit on your toilet, but you can also use your tub for a sitz bath treatment right away.

Sitz baths are helpful for hemorrhoids because they clean the area of any particulate, provide relief and help start the healing process, and they work even better for flare ups when the water is combined with therapeutic Epsom salt for hemorrhoids.

Here are directions for using a sitz bath with Epsom salts to soothe irritation and pain from hemorrhoids:

  • Fill a sitz bath vessel or the bottom of your tub with enough warm water to cover the affected area when sitting. Using hot water can negatively impact hemorrhoids.
  • Make sure not to use so much water that your basin overflows when sitting down.
  • If using a tub, empty one cup of Epsom salts, and if using a sitz bath basin, use about half a cup. Empty the salts into the running water as you fill your soaking device to better mix the salts in with the water.
  • Sit in the water for 15 to 20 minutes for maximum effectiveness.
  • After soaking, rinse your body and anal area off with clean warm water.
  • Pat dry. Do not wipe so as to avoid any irritation.
  • Empty the tub or basin.
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    More Home Treatment Options For Hemorrhoids

    Most symptoms of hemorrhoids can be treated with home remedies until they fade away. The exception is a thrombosed hemorrhoid, which is a hard clot that forms inside the hemorrhoid. If this occurs, seek medical advice because it may require a procedure. But for now, lets focus on standard at-home treatments:

    Are Witch Hazel Pads Safe

    Witch hazel can be found in a variety of formulations from different brands. Witch hazel pads are popular for their convenience. These pads make it quick and easy to apply witch hazel. Some are made for your face while others are designed to ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Some people use witch hazel pads as compresses to soothe irritated or inflamed tissue or cleanse and refresh the vaginal area. You can carry them with you to cleanse and refresh your skin when you aren’t able to wash. When used as a toner, which hazel can help to balance the complexion and prepare the skin for the next step of a skin care regimen such as a moisturizer, treatment product or sunscreen. Although witch hazel is safe to use topically , it should not be taken by mouth. Some people can experience mild irritation or a rash when they use it. If you experience a health concern such as rash, peeling, redness or irritation, stop using witch hazel and consult your dermatologist.

    *The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

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    Use Simple Toilet Paper

    Scented and coloured toilet paper contain extra chemicals that could irritate sensitive areas. Dampen plain, white, unscented toilet paper or use a moist towelette when you need to wipe. Follow up by applying an unscented moisturizer with a facial tissue.

    Here are seven tips for healthy bowel movements.

    Rose Water Witch Hazel


    Witch hazel is obtained from the dried or fresh leaves, bark and roots of the Hamamelis virginiana plant, which is a perennial shrub native to North America. Rose water is derived from the flowers and rose hips of some species in the Rosa genus. Both witch hazel and rose water have a long history of use in folk medicine, primarily as topical agents for skin care purposes.Rose witch hazel facial toner. Shake the bottle to combine the ingredients.Some techniques use witch hazel for a rose water facial toner and others use distilled water which is gentler and less astringent.Splash some rose water into your baths, or facial masks, and always spray on after a.This alcohol-free Hydrating Toner with Rosewater soothes & moisturizes skin as it cleanses and refines pores. Our exclusive plant to bottle process uses sustainably harvested, certified organic witch hazel plants that are distilled for purity & performance, then enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe and Vitamin E to gently nourish and hydrate even sensitive skin.

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    What Is This Medicine

    WITCH HAZEL is a botanical astringent from the plant Hamamelis virginiana. The wipes and pads are used to relieve itching, burning, and irritation caused by hemorrhoids or bowel movements. They may also be used to clean the outer vaginal area after childbirth or the rectal area following rectal surgery.

    This medicine may be used for other purposes ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have questions.

    COMMON BRAND NAME: Hemorrhoidal, Medi-Pads, Preparation H for Women Medicated Hemorrhoidal, Preparation H Maximum Strength, Preparation H Totables, Sani-Pads with Aloe, Tucks

    How Do You Use Your Witch Hazel

    • Wash your face well. Moisten your face with lukewarm water and scrub gently with your favorite facial cleanser.
    • Do a spot test first to see how your skin reacts.
    • Dip a cotton ball or swab in witch hazel.
    • Spread the tampon all over your face to tighten the skin.
    • Focus on specific areas to reduce irritation and acne.

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    How To Use Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids

    Below is step by step procedure on how you can use witch hazel for hemorrhoids:

    1) Clean the anal area. You should first clean your anal area before thinking of any treatment. The best way to keep your anal area is by taking a shower or bathe every day.

    This ensures there is no waste accumulation on your anal area Bathes are the best since they allow a longer exposure of the anal area to warm water. You dont necessarily have to use soap.

    Ensure you clean this area gently since too much pressure will worsen the situation.

    2) Dry the anal area. Once you have cleaned this area properly, the next step is to ensure that it is dried properly. You should never use a towel to do this This is a mistake many people make. A towel will end up applying more pressure on the veins thus worsening the situation.

    You should use a hair drier instead. If you dont have a hair drier, place some cotton wool on your anal area and let it soak out the water.

    3) Preparation of the witch hazel astringent. It involves extracting the herbal concoction from the leaves or bark of the witch hazel plant.

    The easiest way to do this is by grinding the bark and leaves of this plant then sieving the content and mixing it with water. If you dont want to undergo all this grinding and sieving struggle, visit a drug store and buy a ready-made concoction.

    Once you have the right portion of cotton, dip it in the Witch Hazel astringent then apply it directly to the hemorrhoids.

    Is Witch Hazel Good For Dry Skin Or No Skin

    Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Options – Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids

    Witch hazel is astringent and therefore helps to remove skin cells. Other common astringents include very cold water, rubbing alcohol, alum, acacia, sage, yarrow, bay leaves, and distilled vinegar. All of these substances have astringent properties, but witch hazel is the best option because it does not dry out the skin.

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    How Does Witch Hazel Work For Hemorrhoids

    One of the few effective methods that can be employed to treat Hemorrhoids involves the use of Witch hazel . The Witch hazel plant has many species, but the exact specie known to treat hemorrhoids is the Hamamelis virginiana.

    The Hamamelis virginania grows naturally as small trees or big shrubs in Nova Scotia, the Eastern coast of North America and the southern part of the united states, while its distant cousins and family members of the specie is also popular in America for use mostly as ornamental plants.

    The Witch Hazel plant contains hundreds of active ingredients, but of these lot, ten types of ingredients have been shown to pose positive benefits in controlling and treating the symptoms of Hemorrhoids.

    The main active ingredients of the Witch hazel fluid extract include:

    • Flavonoids
    • Carvacrol

    Witch hazel has astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic features which makes it perfect for treating Hemorrhoids as these properties helps to minimize the swelling of tissues and cause inflamed veins and blood vessels to shrink.

    Also, Witch hazel contains Tannins, which are great compounds for lessening the swelling of tissues and provide swift relief from burning sensations, itching and bleeding.

    Witch hazel reduces hemorrhoid pain relatively quickly. Witch hazel also reduces hemorrhoid bleeding as it tightens and shrinks damaged tissue.

    Home Remedies: Relief From Hemorrhoids

    DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Every few months, I develop hemorrhoids that are quite painful, but, after a few days, they seem to go away on their own. Is there a way to avoid getting them altogether? Do I need to see my doctor the next time the hemorrhoids return?

    ANSWER: Hemorrhoids are quite common, and they often follow the pattern you describe. Making some lifestyle changes may lower your chances of developing hemorrhoids. But, if those changes arent enough to keep them from coming back, and the hemorrhoids cause you considerable discomfort, then consider making an appointment with your doctor for an evaluation to see if treatment may be necessary.

    Hemorrhoidal cushions are part of the bodys natural anatomy in the anal canal. They help keep stool in and control continence. The problem with hemorrhoids develops when veins in those cushions become swollen and bulge. Hemorrhoids can occur inside the rectum. Those are called internal hemorrhoids. Or, they can happen under the skin around the anus. Those are called external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids dont cause any pain and usually dont require treatment unless they start to bleed. External hemorrhoids are the ones that typically lead to the pain and discomfort people often associate with hemorrhoids.

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    How Does Witch Hazel Help Hemorrhoids

    Plants have been used for many centuries to treat various illnesses and conditions that affect our bodies. For instance, the Aloe Vera has been used in treating burns calendula for treating skin conditions while mint indigestion.

    As you can see, each herb has its properties that help in addressing specific problems. Now turning our attention to witch hazel, we will look at its efficiency in treating hemorrhoids.

    The witch hazel is an excellent home remedy for relieving hemorrhoids pain, burning sensation, as well as itching. This plant contains potent chemicals in the form of tannins, which plays a significant role in reducing the discomforts.

    Before you can start using witch hazel, it is crucial first to know that you have hemorrhoids for sure. So precisely what are hemorrhoids? Well, hemorrhoids are usually swollen veins that are located in the canal of your anal area.

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