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Can You Use Aspercreme For Hemorrhoids

Numbing Skin In Anticipation Of Pain

Aspercreme 4% Lidocaine Review

Reasons you might want your skin temporarily numbed to prepare for future pain are:

  • medical procedures such as getting stitches to close a wound and before you undergo a skin surface procedure such as dermabrasion
  • cosmetic procedures such as ear piercing, tattooing, and hair removal procedures, such as waxing

For local numbing and pain control, doctors typically use local anesthetics approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Many of these are also available in over-the-counter strength for home use:

  • lidocaine
  • pramoxine
  • dibucaine

How Lidocaine Spray Works

Lidocaine spray works the same way as lidocaine creamby making your penis less sensitive to touch. Like lidocaine-prilocaine cream, lidocaine spray is designed to be applied to the glans, or tip, of your penis, as well as the underside of the shaft.

Unlike lidocaine-prilocaine cream, most lidocaine sprays only use lidocaine, without any other topical anesthetics.

Studies of lidocaine spray show that it works quickly and effectively as a treatment for premature ejaculation. In a study from 2003, researchers found that lidocaine spray can increase average intravaginal ejaculation latency time from 84 seconds to 11 minutes and 21 seconds.

In short, when used properly, lidocaine spray can produce a significant improvement in sexual performance, helping you avoid premature ejaculation and last as much as six or seven times as long in bed.

Although lidocaine spray does reduce sensitivity, it isnt linked to any reduction in orgasm quality or sexual experience.

Most lidocaine sprays are designed for use 10-15 minutes before sex. Applying the spray is a simple process that weve covered in our guide to using lidocaine spray.

Forticept Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel

  • Veterinary doctor recommended for every pet owner to keep on hand for all of your pets hot spot and skin care and wound care needs including first-aid.
  • Provides relief for symptoms of bacterial and fungal infection, allergies, sensitive dry or itchy skin.
  • Highly visible gel with no stinging or irritation that is safe and non-toxic, can be used on all animal species and is safe if licked or ingested.
  • Helps with your dogs or cat√Ęs dermatitis, hot spots, pyoderma, rashes, wounds and more.
  • Promotes healing by protecting and keeping the wound clean and providing the optimal moisture balance.

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Dim Your Pain & Let Your Vibrant Self Shine

Max Strength Lidocaine

Aspercreme With Lidocaine is made with 4% lidocaine, the maximum strength available without a prescription*. It works fast to give you targeted pain relief.

*Among OTC topical analgesics

Essential Oils

Max Strength Aspercreme With Lidocaine is infused with essential oils, and it comes in three great aromas: lavender, bergamot orange, and rosemary & mint.

No-mess Applicator

This topical liquid lidocaine numbs away minor pains fast while keeping your hands clean. It goes on easy with the no-mess, roll-on applicator.

A Little More About Hemorrhoids

Gateway Health OTC Store. Aspercreme Lidocaine No Mess ...

Hemorrhoids, which are essentially varicose veins of the anus, are caused when the blood vessels of the anus become weakened and swell.

The swelling occurs when blood fails to circulate properly, and pools along the vessel walls, which causes them to become thin and weak.

While age is a contributing factor to hemorrhoids, they are also commonly associated with the straining of constipation or diarrhea, both of which put extra pressure on blood vessels, as well as pregnancy, obesity, and weightlifting.

Because they are more common as we age, as many as 75 percent of all adults have experienced the pain and embarrassment who wants to talk about their bum? of hemorrhoids.

There are several different kinds of hemorrhoids internal hemorrhoids, which are found inside the rectum, where there are few pain-sensing nerves, and external hemorrhoids, which are found under the skin around the anus, where pain-sensing nerves are more prominent.

While bleeding may be the only symptom of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids are often painful and can be accompanied by itching and burning as well as bleeding if blood vessels become very thin.

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What Symptoms Does Lidocaine Target

Because lidocaine is derived from the chemical family of anesthetics, this ingredient works by deadening the pain-feeling nerves in the skin. Lidocaine, for all intents and purposes, is a numbing agent.

Its properties to numb the skin are harnessed by topical creams, lotions, ointments, and gels to treat symptoms of itching, pain, and the burning sensation often associated with hemorrhoids.

Anal itching is a main symptom caused by hemorrhoids. When lidocaine is paired with hydrocortisone, the formula can work right away to reduce hemorrhoidal swelling and itching.

Lubricating external hemorrhoids with an over the counter treatment with lidocaine can force the hemorrhoids to shrink fasters while symptoms quickly subside. Hemorrhoids do subside within a few days to a few weeks, at best, even without treatment.

However, with the application of lidocaine, there is less irritation in the anorectal area, making your routine and lifestyle increasingly more manageable.

What Is This Medicine

LIDOCAINE is an anesthetic. It causes loss of feeling in the skin and surrounding tissues. It is used to prevent and to treat pain from some procedures. This medicine is also used to treat minor burns, scrapes and insect bites.

This medicine may be used for other purposes ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have questions.

COMMON BRAND NAME: AneCream, Aspercreme with Lidocaine, BenGay, CidalEaze, Ela-Max, LidaMantle, Lidosense 4, Lidotral, LMX 4, LMX 4 with Tegaderm, LMX 5, MENTHO-CAINE, RectaSmoothe, RectiCare, Solarcaine, SOLUPAK, Xylocaine

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Lidocaine Cream 5% Faq

Lidocaine is an anesthetic that can reduce feeling in the area administered. It is often applied on the skin or may be injected depending on its use. Lidocaine can be found over-the-counter as a topical cream or as a topical patch. Its also worth noting that lidocaine does not treat the underlying condition, but instead provides numbing symptom relief.

The use for lidocaine cream often depends on the strength. Lidocaine 4% comes in a cream or patch and is usually used to help with pain relief in muscles and joints. Its helpful for those with backaches, muscle soreness, and mild joint pain. Lidocaine 5% cream is available OTC to help with itching and pain caused by hemorrhoids.

Since lidocaine cream temporarily numbs the skin and relieves pain, there are a few other uses besides muscle pain and hemorrhoid irritation. Lidocaine cream is also used by tattoo artists, and laser hair removal clinics to reduce pain before potentially painful procedures. Lidocaine cream may also be used before certain cosmetic procedures like laser skin resurfacing and facials involving needles.

Lidocaine 5% cream treats the pain, itching, and burning caused by hemorrhoids or other rectal/anal inflammatory conditions.

The strongest lidocaine cream available on the market over-the-counter is lidocaine 5%. Strengths above 5% require a doctor visit and prescription. Curist Numbing Relief contains lidocaine 5%, which is the strongest OTC lidocaine cream available

How Do You Use Hemorrhoid Cream

6 Hemorrhoid Fixes for PAIN & BLEEDING – Complete Physiotherapy Guide to HOME REMEDY Hemorrhoids

How you apply hemorrhoid cream depends on the type of product you choose. Some hemorrhoid creams can be applied inside the anal area, while others are made only for external use. For example, Preparation H anti-itch cream is for external use only. You can apply this cream to the affected area three to four times a day. If symptoms do not subside after seven days or clear up then reappear, its recommended to stop using the cream and meet with a doctor.

Regardless of the cream you choose, make sure to carefully read its directions to prevent harmful side effects and get the most relief from the product. And remember to speak with your doctor before choosing a cream option to select one thats right for you.

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How Does Lidocaine Work To Treat Premature Ejaculation

Lidocaine is one of the worlds most widely used anesthetics. If youve been to the dentist for a root canal, wisdom tooth removal or any other kind of surgical treatment, theres a good chance that lidocaine was used to numb your gums during the procedure.

As an anesthetic, lidocaine reduces sensitivity when its applied to your skin, muscles or other tissue.

As a treatment for premature ejaculation, topical lidocaine works by reducing sensitivity in your penis. Because sensitivity is one of the most common causes of premature ejaculation, making your penis less sensitive is a simple, effective way to help you last longer during sex.

Generally speaking, the biggest difference between lidocaine for dentistry or other procedures and lidocaine as a premature ejaculation treatment is the dosage.

For dental procedures and surgery, a fairly large dose of lidocaine is used to completely numb the area. For premature ejaculation, a smaller dose is used to reduce sensitivity but still give a pleasurable, enjoyable feeling during sex.

This means you wont be completely numb, only that youll feel slightly less than normal during sex or foreplay.

How To Shrink Hemorrhoid Skin Tag

The most common home remedy to shrink Hemorrhoid skin tag is soaking the affected area in a sitz or warm bath. However, they dont kill bacteria that may cause you to get an infection. One quick method is using a topical ointment that can penetrate deep into your skin to eliminate bacteria and work on the affected areas.

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Important Dosage And Administration Instructions

Because of the difference in bioavailability of Aspercreme Lidocaine compared to Aspercreme Lidocaine , a different dosage strength is required to be administered to the patient. One Aspercreme Lidocaine 1.8% provides equivalent lidocaine exposure to one Aspercreme Lidocaine .

When Aspercreme Lidocaine is used concomitantly with other products containing local anesthetic agents, the total amount of drug absorbed from all formulations must be considered.

Aspercreme Lidocaine may not stick if it gets wet. Advise patients to avoid contact with water, such as bathing, swimming, or showering.

Instruct patients to wash hands immediately after handling Aspercreme Lidocaine and to avoid contact with eyes.

Instruct patients to store Aspercreme Lidocaine inside the sealed envelope and to apply immediately after removal from the envelope. Advise them to store Aspercreme Lidocaine out of the reach of children, pets, and others. Instruct patients to, after use, fold used Aspercreme Lidocaine so that the adhesive side sticks to itself and safely discard used Aspercreme Lidocaine or pieces of cut Aspercreme Lidocaine where children and pets cannot get to them.

Aspercreme Lidocaine may be used during moderate exercise, such as biking for 30 minutes.

What Precautions Should I Take While Using Aspercreme

Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel

There are a few important things to keep in mind when using Aspercreme.

Before using the product for the first time, check the ingredients to determine whether or not you are allergic to any of its ingredients. If your healthcare provider has prescribed this cream, do inform him of the list of ingredients that you are allergic to. Do not apply this product more than the prescribed amount or more frequently than suggested by your medical expert. If you are using it as a non-prescription pain-reliever, do follow the instructions given on the product package.

You must consult your doctor if your condition does not improve or worsens after application of this solution. Also, apply the product on a small skin area to test its allergic nature and if no sensation occurs after a period of time, proceed to apply it as directed.

Clean the concerned body part before applying the pain-relieving solution. Secondly, in case the solution comes in contact with the eyes, ears or nose, immediately rinse with clean water. Always wash your hands with soap after applying the ointment on the affected area.

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How To Use Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel

Applying Biofreeze Pain Gel is not complicated at all, especially when you follow the directions below.

  • Wash your hands with warm water and hand soap, and then dry them thoroughly.
  • Squeeze some Biofreeze gel onto the affected area.
  • Softly rub the Biofreeze onto the painful area with your fingertips in a roundabout motion for 2-3 minutes.
  • If the pain is in an area that is hard for you to reach, ask a family member or friend to rub it in for you.
  • Wash your hands well, with soap and warm water.
  • Repeat up to 4 times a day.

What Does A Hemorrhoid Look Like

All Hemorrhoids look like red or discolored lumps forming near the anus either internally or externally. For thrombosed Hemorrhoids, there will be a lump near the anal verge, coming out from the anus. It often appears to be dark blue due to the blood clot in the swollen blood vessel. For prolapsed Hemorrhoids, there will be swollen red lumps or bumps outside the anus. How visible the lumps depends on how severe the Hemorrhoids are.

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Is Steroid And Lidocaine Application For Anal Fissure With Miralax Enough

31 Mar 2012 by hp0909

I am currently suffering from Anal fissure due to constipation since 3 weeks. It bled in the beginningand almost healed over two weeks. Yesterday I had another episode of constipation and my fissurebled again with too much of pain. My doctor prescribed me steroid and Lidocain gel fortopical application. Besides that, I am taking Sodium Picosulphate and Polyethylene gylcol asa laxative. I am drinking enough water. I am trying to eat salad every night as a fiber supplement. I am afraid to take fiber supplement because if it bulks my stools too much, it would be problem too.Another problem is pain during and after defecation. Kindly consult me what should I do more.Thanks.

hp,i am sorry you are feeling so poorly. i have never had that problem, but have treated quite a few with fissures and fistulas . the steroids are the best anti-inflammatory agents ad the lidocaine will numb the area. actually, for a laxative, i absolutely hate miralax. i have found that it causes bloating, fowl farts with feathers on top and a pasty type bowel movement if you are lucky or lumpy bowel movement with a lot of gas involved with that… a real not fun adventure. just to let you know, i am a retired icu and er rn and know a bit about this, just assurng you, cuzeverybody gotta poop with out pain, my old motto.

wishing you the very best pain free days ahead,

the sweet hippie,


What Is Hemorrhoid Ointment

What to Avoid with Hemorrhoids | Risk Factors and Ways to Reduce Risk

Hemorrhoids, also referred to as emerods or piles, are caused by the inflammation and swelling of veins near the rectum area. These small bumps are quite painful, though they can be easily treated in most cases. There are numerous types of treatments available that will effectively reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid ointment is a popular type of topical treatment that may help to relieve certain hemorrhoid complications.

Corticosteroid creams that are purchased over-the-counter can ease pain and itching. Any hemorrhoid ointment that contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic, will help any burning sensation to dissipate. Nearly any hemorrhoid ointment that contains this medicinal ingredient will work temporarily, though there are other things that can be done to help those suffering from hemorrhoid pain.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids prove to be immensely popular around the globe. In particular, witch hazel, when applied with a cotton ball to the affected area, has been known to reduce inflammation. In addition, various surgical treatments may prove effective when home remedies do not work. Surgical treatments include the application of heat through infraredcoagulation, rubber band ligation, and surgical hemorrhoidectomy.

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How Long Does It Take For A Hemorrhoid To Shrink

Most Hemorrhoids shrink within a week. However, some may take a few weeks to go away completely depending on the severity and your lifestyle. To shrink Hemorrhoids quickly, one method is to apply medication on the affected area regularly. Find a medication that is able to penetrate deep into the skin to ease the symptoms.

Healing Tips For Postpartum Hemorrhoids:

  • Constipation is the enemy, so get lots of water and fiber to stay regular and keep active to prime yourself to poop. But dont force it if your body isnt ready to go .

  • Many of the tips for vaginal pain can help here toosit on pillows, apply ice packs or witch hazel, or soothe your bum with a bath.

  • Over-the-counter creams can relieve itching and burning. Ask your doctor to recommend a good one.

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Where Can I Buy Lidocaine For Hemorrhoids

Lidocaine is a popular and widely used ingredient for hemorrhoid treatment and other anorectal problems like anal fissures, rectal pain, and rectal disorders. Despite its use as an anesthetic, lidocaine is sold in over the counter topical treatments.

You can find lidocaine in topical creams, lotions, ointments, and gels for hemorrhoid treatment at superstores such as Walmart or Target.

Lidocaine topical treatments can also be purchased online via Google Shopping or Amazon and through other online store retailers.

Lidocaine can also be found at your local drugstores and pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and others.

As an ingredient in hemorrhoid formulas, lidocaine is not expensive, and these topical treatments average about $5-$10 per tube. Consumers favorably review the use of lidocaine for their hemorrhoids, indicating that its numbing properties aid in relieving the most painful of their hemorrhoid symptoms.

Why Choose Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel

What Is Aspercreme With Lidocaine Used For / Aspercreme ...

Biofreeze has a lot of benefits that ice cant offer. Here are the main reasons to choose Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel over an ice pack.

  • Biofreeze can be rubbed onto the throbbing area
  • Biofreeze is almost 2x as effective as an ice pack in relieving pain
  • Biofreeze brings targeted relief to a specific area
  • The numbness and stiffness associated with ice packs are both much less likely

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