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Can Anal Sex Cause Hemorrhoids

Pregnancy And Straining During Delivery

How To Treat Hemorrhoids & How To Prevent Hemorrhoids Naturally | Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Constipation during pregnancy needs to be avoided anyway. Get a diet with the right type of fiber and lots of water.

Many women complain of thrombosed external hemorrhoids and anal fissures after childbirth from straining during childbirth. Constipation during pregnancy can also lead to hemorrhoids5 and so can prolonged standing.6

Things Not To Do During Anal Sex

Yes, you still need a condom.

Practicing safe anal sex is not as intuitive as safe vaginal sex, so spoke with five doctors about how to keep your back door healthy when you do it in the butt.

1. Don’t have anal sex if your anus isn’t clean and your bowels are still full. “Right before you have anal sex, make sure you empty your bowels, and then get in the tub or shower and do some good cleaning to the area with antibacterial soap,” says Karen Elizabeth Boyle, M.D., FACS. Because there’s less lubrication and the hole is less elastic, you’re more likely to get tiny tears in your skin during anal sex, so keeping the area as clean as possible is best for preventing infections.

2. Don’t use the same condom if you switch between vaginal and anal sex. “If you’re having anal sex and want to switch to vaginal sex, you should change the condom in between,” says Alyssa Dweck, M.D. “Women are susceptible to infection if the rectal bacteria gets in the vagina.” Basically: Change holes, change the condom.

5. Don’t have anal sex just because your partner wants you to. Michael Krychman, M.D., states the obvious but important thing to remember which is, like with all sexual acts: “Don’t feel pressured to engage in something you’re not comfortable with.” It’s bad for your mental health.

10. Don’t have anal sex if you have hemorrhoids . “Lots of people have hemorrhoids, but disturbing them during anal play could cause bleeding so just be mindful of that,” Dr. Dweck says.

Is It Safe To Have Sex With Hemorrhoids

You can have sex with hemorrhoids, yes, but keep in mind that by doing so, you could be aggravating them. You wont pass your hemorrhoids onto your partnerthey arent contagious or sexually transmitted.

There is a possibility that your hemorrhoid symptoms could worsen with sexual intercourse during a flare-up. You could encourage the hemorrhoids to hang around longer if you choose to have sex while you have them.

However, everyone is different. Vaginal intercourse may be just fine for you and your partner, although anal sex is not advisable, as it will undoubtedly make your hemorrhoids worse.

Use over the counter treatments to your advantage if you plan on having sexual intercourse while you are experiencing a hemorrhoid flare-up. Things like topical ointments and hemorrhoid supplements can manage your symptoms, preventing them from worsening from sex.

But if you find that having sex leads to flare-ups, you’ll want to make an appointment with your doctor to see what you can do to treat better and prevent your hemorrhoids. You don’t have to let your hemorrhoids affect your sex life, and there are plenty of treatment options available to you.

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Anal Protrusion After Anal Sex

Here is my situation: My b/f and I had anal sex, and this was not the first time we’ve done it. But this time was different. After we were done I noticed there was something that kind of just popped out from my bottom. It’s like a piece of your skin or muscle or something. I kept trying to push it back in, but it keeps coming back out. It doesnt cause me great pain, but just a little bit of itching sometimes. What is it? What should i do with it? Is it bad? Please let me know. Thank you.

Dear Reader,

It can be rather disconcerting to see some unidentified body part protruding from your behind. There are two likely possible explanations: it could be an internal hemorrhoid or a rectal prolapse. In either case, you would want to visit a health care provider to find out for sure and get treatment.

A more serious condition is called rectal prolapse. This occurs when the muscles holding the rectum in place weaken enough that gravity starts to pull the rectum downward. If this is what you have, the protrusion is larger , moist, and pink. For some with rectal prolapse, the protrusion only occurs during bowel movements, but for others it may be present all the time.

Take care,

How Are Hemorrhoids Diagnosed

Tips And Ideas To Help You Survive Life With Hemorrhoids ...

You likely already know if you have a hemorrhoid. Its often possible to diagnose hemorrhoids just by looking. But if you have internal hemorrhoids, a doctor can perform a quick exam to confirm it. He or she will use a gloved, lubricated finger to feel in and around your rectum. Your doctor may also order a sigmoidoscopy. During a sigmoidoscopy, he or she will insert a small camera to look into your rectum. They also may perform an anoscopy. A small instrument called an anoscope is inserted a few inches into the anus to examine the anal canal.

Its important to see your doctor if you notice bleeding from your rectum. You need to make sure the cause is hemorrhoids and not some other problem. Bleeding from your rectum or anus or bloody stools may be a sign of something more serious such as cancer.

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Simple And Straightforward Tips For Anal Health

  • Become familiar with your anus use a mirror to check your anus and surrounding skin on a regular basis . If you see redness, sores, unusual bumps, or rashes seek medical attention.
  • If you have pain or itching seek medical attention.
  • Avoid constipation, which causes a difficult bowel movement of hard dry feces. For most people by drinking lots of non-alcoholic fluids, such as water, juice, soda, tea/coffee and by eating a high-fiber diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains (see: .
  • If constipated, do not avoid a BM this makes the feces dryer and harder which will aggravate the problem. It might be uncomfortable to have a BM, but it could get worse if avoiding it. You could insert a glycerin suppository into the anus past the sphincters . This will stimulate the anal sphincters to relax and will also lubricate, to help evacuate the hard dry feces. These suppositories are available without prescription, over-the-counter, and they can be purchased at drug/grocery stores. Glycerin is a lubricant, which is gentler than laxatives . Glycerin suppositories are not expensive, especially at discount stores.
  • Anal-receptive sex:
  • Oil-based products cause latex to tear/rupture they are also too thick/heavy for the anus and especially for the rectum.
  • If you do experience pain in the anus during sex it could be a sign of a problem such as hemorrhoids or fissures.
  • What If Proctitis Is Not Treated

    Proctitis that is not treated or does not respond to treatment may lead to complications, including

    • Severe bleeding and anemiaa condition in which red blood cells are fewer or smaller than normal, which means less oxygen is carried to the bodys cells
    • Abscessespainful, swollen, pus-filled areas caused by infection
    • Ulcers on the intestinal lining
    • Fistulasabnormal connections between two parts inside the body

    People with proctitis symptoms need medical attention. If diagnosed with proctitis, patients should take all medications as prescribed and see their doctor for a followup appointment to be sure the cause of the inflammation has been treated successfully.

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    Anal Analysis: Relax Lubricate To Avoid Getting Hemorrhoids

    In light of National Coming Out Week, I’ve received two questions from readers that are particularly fitting.

    Can anal sex give me hemorrhoids? – Corn Pone Malone

    So, Corn Pone Malone, I’m assuming you’re trying to tell me you’ve been living under a rock and just need this pressing question answered.

    In most situations, if you are doing it right, anal sex cannot give you hemorrhoids. There is a difference though between internal and external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen varicose veins located inside the anus or around the exterior of the anus. Certain conditions can cause internal hemorrhoids and one is anal intercourse, according to WebMD. However, if you are having anal sex the correct way, it shouldn’t cause hemorrhoids. So in proper practice, no, anal sex does not give you hemorrhoids.

    I’m going to give you a quick “how to have anal sex” guide. But first I’d like to smash all phobias about anal sex. There are a ton of nerve endings surrounding the anus. Also, a man’s prostate gland can be reached through the rectum and a woman’s g-spot can be stimulated during anal intercourse. Yeah, I’m aware of what comes out of your rump but once you scrub yourself clean there is really no reason you can’t enjoy some pleasure.

    As I’ve talked about before, you really need to be experimenting with a significant other with whom you are comfortable. If it starts to hurt, just stop. Nothing should be rushed and open communication is necessary.

    How Is Proctitis Treated

    Do Hemorrhoids Smell? Discover How to Stop Hemorrhoids From Smelling

    Treatment of proctitis depends on its cause. The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation, control symptoms, and eliminate infection, if it is present. Only a doctor can determine the cause of proctitis and the best course of treatment. With proper medical attention, proctitis can be successfully treated.

    Proctitis from Infection

    If lab tests confirm that an STD or non-STD infection is present, medication is prescribed based on the type of infection found. Antibiotics are prescribed to kill bacteria antiviral medications are prescribed to treat viruses. Although some STD viruses cannot be eliminated, antivirals can control their symptoms.

    Proctitis from Other Causes

    If antibiotic use triggered proctitis, the doctor may prescribe a different antibiotic designed to destroy the harmful bacteria that have developed in the intestines.

    If proctitis is caused by anorectal trauma, the activity causing the inflammation should be stopped. Healing usually occurs in 4 to 6 weeks. The doctor may recommend over-the-counter medications such as antidiarrheals and those used for pain relief, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

    When a chronic IBD such as ulcerative colitis or Crohns disease causes proctitis, treatment aims to reduce inflammation, control symptoms, and induce and maintain remissiona period when the person is symptom-free. Treatment depends on the extent and severity of the disease.

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    Does Sex Cause Hemorrhoids

    In some cases, anal or vaginal intercourse can cause hemorrhoids.

    During intercourse, the genitals and rectal area are engulfed with blood needed for stimulation, and this can increase pressure to the affected area, resulting in the development of a hemorrhoidal flare-up.

    If you experience rectal pain or discomfort after intercourse, it could be a hemorrhoid flare-up. Look out for the common hemorrhoid symptoms over the next day or so to determine if this is the case.

    If you have existing hemorrhoids, try to not engage in sex, especially anal sex, as you could aggravate them and worsen your symptoms. Allow your body a few days to heal from the flare-up before having sex.

    And if hemorrhoids are a reoccurring problem for you and interfere with your sex life, then you should talk to your doctor about a prevention plan for your hemorrhoids.

    Try getting more exercise, like a brisk 20-minute walk, staying hydrated throughout the day, and eating whole foods with plenty of fiber. If conservative approaches have failed, then there are other options like non-operative procedures like sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation.

    When To See A Doctor

    Slight bleeding following anal sex may not be a major cause of concern. However, a person should talk to their doctor if they experience painful rectal bleeding.

    Some people may delay seeking treatment for rectal bleeding due to embarrassment or other concerns, but healthcare professionals can help treat any damage that the body has sustained and help reduce a persons pain.

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    Straining From Constipation Or Hard Stool

    Avoid straining on the toilet bowl by having fibrous food to make the stool soft and easy to pass.

    Spending too much time in the toilet is said to be one of the reasons for hemorrhoids. This is mainly from constipation or hard stools that require much straining to be passed.2 A good number of people experience hemorrhoids in relation to constipation or straining. Straining can also result in the prolapse of the hemorrhoid tissues which can be felt near the anus. High anal pressure from straining can result in anal fissures, too.3

    What Even Are Hemorrhoids

    Can Anal Sex Cause Hemorrhoids?

    Theyre basically piles of veins inside your rectum and around your anus , according to the Cleveland Clinic.

    You may have only heard of hemorrhoids as some annoying health condition, but as the Cleveland Clinic explains, they happen to be a completely normal physical feature. The internal ones actually serve a purpose. They essentially act as cushions to help prevent stool or anal leakage when cough, sneeze, or increase abdominal pressure, Alexis Grucela, M.D., an assistant professor of the department of surgery, and director of the colon and rectal surgery fellowship program at NYU Langone Medical Center, tells SELF.

    External hemorrhoids dont really have a job like thattheyre just hanging out underneath the skin surrounding your anus.

    You and your hemorrhoids can coexist peacefully without you even being aware of them. The only time you should really notice either internal or external hemorrhoids is when they cause symptoms, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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    Hemorrhoids And Anal Sex Okay

    Dear Alice,

    I want to know if you are able to have anal sex when you have hemorrhoids, and if there is a way that it will only hurt as much as it does to have sex that way without them. And if so, how can I reduce the pain?



    Dear KraZy,

    Anal sex shouldn’t hurt. However, having hemorrhoids can make anal sex painful. In addition, people who find anal sex painful often do not use enough water-based lube others are not relaxed or aroused enough. Using lots of silicone- or water-based lube â which makes anal sex more slippery and wet â can increase pleasure for both you and your partner. Relaxation will also minimize or prevent the possibility of tearing the thin lining of the rectum, and make insertion easier and more comfortable. Some people relax by taking a warm bath others begin with a massage, starting with the butt and inner thighs, then gently playing in and around the anal sphincter with a finger. As the sensations become more comfortable and pleasurable, some people experiment by placing more fingers inside the anus. Others might progress to a small sex toy, or be ready to be penetrated by a larger toy, or even a penis. Communication with your partner about what feels good and how you want to be touched is essential for enjoyable anal play.

    Q: You Mentioned Hemorrhoids Potentially Causing Bleeding Besides Looking Unpleasant Are Hemorrhoids A Health Concern

    Pierre: Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that happen inside the rectum or on the anus. Straining when you poop can cause them, as can anal sex. Sometimes they are not serious and go away on their own. But sometimes they dont go awayin those cases, you can get them treated.

    I know some healthcare providers take the position that if your butt functions, its fine. They think who cares what your butt looks like if youre able to use it? But that view doesnt support the health and happiness of people who bottom. Having a pretty butt is important!

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    How To Reduce The Risk

    To minimize these risks, a person should take some precautions to prevent the skin from tearing:

  • Use a water-based lubricant to minimize friction-related tears.
  • Change condoms if moving from anal to vaginal sex to avoid introducing different bacterial forms to each.
  • Move slowly until a person establishes enough lubrication.
  • Slow or stop anal sex if a person experiences pain or discomfort.
  • Using spermicides can also increase the risk of anal irritation. People should avoid them during anal sex.

    How To Treat Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoid or Fissure?

    Hemorrhoids or piles are swellings that appear on the veins in the rectum and anus. They are usually the result of increased pressure in the lower part of the digestive system. That is why they commonly appear after a course of constipation or diarrhoea, as well as after giving birth to a child.

    The causes of hemorrhoids are usually poor diet, irregular bowel movements, being overweight and also inherited conditions.

    Hemorrhoids or piles can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. That is why doctors consider them to be a medical disease. Apart from pain, they can also cause erosion and bleeding. If you have hemorrhoids, you might experience painless bleeding during bowel movements, especially in the morning.

    If your doctor finds that your condition is mild, he might suggest you some OTC medications like creams, ointments, etc. These medications contain witch hazel or lidocaine, which can temporarily reduce pain and itching. We recommend you avoid using OTC steroid creams for more than a week before consulting your doctor.

    Some home remedies might provide comfort from the pain, swelling, and inflammation. These home remedies are:

    • Eat foods rich in fibre like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fibre helps in softening the stool and increases its bulk, which will prevent straining during bowel movements.
    • Take a sitz bath for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.
    • Take oral pain killers like acetaminophen or aspirin. These oral pills can temporarily relieve your discomfort.

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    Like The Vagina The Anus Has Bacteria

    An STI isnt the only thing you have to worry about sharing with anal sex. Bacteria living in or near the anus can be easily spread if you dont take precautions to tidy up after anal penetration.

    If youre wearing a condom, be sure to remove it and roll on a new one before moving on to vaginal sex. If youre not wearing a condom or if youre using your hands or a toy, be sure to wash thoroughly after anal sex. Bacteria, such as hepatitis A and E. coli, can be spread from unclean anal sex practices.

    For couples considering anal sex, answers to these common questions might help you decide if its right for you.

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