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What To Do For External Hemorrhoids

How Can You Help Prevent Rectal Bleeding

What Are Treatment Options For External Hemorrhoids?

You can prevent rectal bleeding by taking measures to avoid getting anal fissures or hemorrhoids. You can do this by:

Avoid Straining

Straining too much in the toilet causes hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Wait for the natural urge to pass stool and then go promptly before it hardens and becomes difficult to pass once more.

Eat more Fiber and Drink More Water

Fiber and water add the bulk of the stool and soften it so you wont constipate and develop anal fissures and hemorrhoids.


Exercising improves your digestive function and bowel movement so it prevents constipation. Exercises like aerobics, yoga, swimming, walking, and running will do you a lot of good.

Avoid Sitting for Too Long

Sitting for prolonged periods puts pressure on your hemorrhoids and also causes anal injuries. Stand up from your seat, take a walk, or lie down every so often to ease the pressure off the anal region.

Bleeding from hemorrhoids or anal fissure is not very serious and can be treated using home remedies. However, when the anal fissures and hemorrhoids are bleeding a lot, seek medical help immediately.

Easy Ways To Prevent Hemorrhoids

There are a number of easy, healthy ways to incorporate more fiber into your diet. Fiber-filled foods include fruits such as berries, avocados, and pears . Broccoli, artichokes, and Brussels sprouts are among the vegetables that can up your fiber intake. Whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal, are also an important source. Legumes, including lentils, various beans, and green peas, are a great way to get fiber. Nuts and seeds make for a great fiber-filled snack, too.

If you’re having trouble getting enough fiber in your regular diet, consider a fiber supplement.

If you experience chronic constipation and suspect that may be contributing to your hemorrhoids, avoid eating too many foods that contain little or no fiber, such as cheese and fast and processed foods.

Drink plenty of water and other fluids. Recommendations for daily water intake vary and depend on the individual, but the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies has set adequate intake levels at 2.7 liters for men and approximately 3.7 liters for women. This can come from beverages and food, but caffeinated beverages and alcohol can be dehydrating and should not be counted in reaching this intake goal.

Exercise regularly. Exercise, especially 20 to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a day, can help keep bowel movements regular. And regular exercise may help you lose weight, which may be contributing to the formation of hemorrhoids.

Other tips for preventing hemorrhoids include:

Dealing With External Hemorrhoids

Pressure on the rectum can lead to an external hemorrhoid. If you develop this problem, it’s time to treat your rear with extra care for the next few days. If the issue doesn’t clear up soon, see a doctor for assistance. To locate an experienced colorectal physician with expertise in treating hemorrhoids, use our online Find a Doctor feature.

As with all medical issues, your physician is the ultimate source as to what procedure best fits your needs. Discuss all options and get a second opinion if you have any doubts. These articles are intended to be a source of general information only.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

External hemorrhoids are characterized by pain and/or itching near the affected area. They sometimes could bleed if wiped or strained. Internal hemorrhoids symptoms vary depending on their types.

  • First-degree hemorrhoids are marked with bleeding without a prolapse.
  • Second-degree hemorrhoids can be seen protruding while defecating or straining.
  • Third-degree hemorrhoids are prolapsed hemorrhoids but can be pressed back.
  • Fourth-degree hemorrhoids are completely prolapsed hemorrhoids and cannot be put back inside.

In all of the above types of internal hemorrhoids, the passing of blood during defecation is a common symptom . Besides these, other common symptoms for both internal and external hemorrhoids include:

  • Stool coated with blood

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How Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last

How Much Is Hemorrhoid Surgery?

It all depends on the type of hemorrhoids youre suffering from. Nevertheless, the condition eases up if you follow at-home and medicated measures. The most common hemorrhoids last about a week, while severe cases might need medical procedures.

If hemorrhoids are caused by pregnancy, then they would disappear soon after childbirth.

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Getting Restful Sleep Without Triggering Hemorrhoid Pain

Depending on your preferred sleeping position, your hemorrhoid pain can make it difficult for you to get a good nights rest. In addition to clean cotton underwear and loose-fitting pajamas, we recommend you sleep on your stomach to reduce anal pain and place a pillow under your hips to prevent yourself from rolling over onto your back.

A full-body sitz bath right before bed may also ease discomfort, help you feel more relaxed, and make it easier for you to fall asleep. In addition, reading or listening to soothing music may take your mind off your hemorrhoids and your discomfort, which may help you get to sleep faster.

Internal Or External Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids, located in the rectum, have no nerve endings. When they elongate too far, they can even hang out a little, giving an unpleasant somethings there sensation.

External hemorrhoids are veins under the skin. When they are inflamed, the skin covering them, which DOES contain nerve endings, can burn and itch, and be painful to sit on.

Both internal and external hemorrhoids can be caused by the pressure of constipation.

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I Have Had An External Hemorrhoid For Months Is This Normal

Hemorrhoids can last for a several days or several months. The existence of hemorrhoids varies depending on their severity and the treatment. Some hemorrhoids may require medical treatment or surgery.

Many people suffer from hemorrhoids without ever seeking treatment. Depending on how you treat your hemorrhoids will determine how long they last.

What Causes Rectal Bleeding

Do External Hemorrhoids Ever Go Away? Find Out If Your External Hemorrhoids Will Go Away Today!

Rectal bleeding can occur for several reasons and the most common reasons are hemorrhoids and anal fissures.


Rectal bleeding in hemorrhoids occurs when you pass really hard stool and it scrapes the surface of a hemorrhoid in the rectum . This sort of bleeding is painless because the rectum doesnt have any pain sensory receptors. Bleeding from hemorrhoids in the anus , on the other hand, is painful because the anus has pain sensory receptors.

Bleeding also occurs when a thrombosed hemorrhoid bursts due to pent up pressure. A thrombosed hemorrhoid occurs when a blood clot is formed inside a hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid fills up with blood to a point that it has to burst to release pressure. The bleeding should only last a few seconds or minutes and itll stop. A thrombosed hemorrhoid can be an internal or external hemorrhoid so if an internal thrombosed hemorrhoid bleeds, it results in rectal bleeding.

Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are tears, splits, or cuts on the sensitive mucosal lining of the anal canal. Its very painful especially when moving your bowels and afterward. An anal fissure is an injury so it results in bleeding. You will notice the bright red blood in the toilet that is separate from your stool or on the tissue paper when you wipe.

Rectal bleeding can also occur because of the following less common reasons:

  • Anal, rectal, or colon cancer
  • Crohns disease
  • Proctitis

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What Are The Treatments For Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

The good news is that the problem usually improves after the baby is born. In the meantime, there are a number of things you can do to treat hemorrhoids.

  • Place baking soda on the area to reduce itching
  • Take a warm bath with baking soda in the water
  • Use witch hazel to reduce swelling or bleeding
  • Avoid sitting for long periods
  • Use Tucks Medicated Pads
  • Analgesics: Ointment or cream can be used for external hemorrhoids, if it involves pain and irritation

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  • Why do I have hemorrhoids?
  • Are there any lifestyle changes I can do that can relieve or prevent hemorrhoids?
  • I saw blood on toilet paper. Is this serious?
  • Are having hemorrhoids a sign of another health condition?
  • Will I always have hemorrhoids?
  • Is there medicine I can take for hemorrhoids? Are there side effects?

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What Are The Symptoms Of External Hemorrhoids

Unlike internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids are located in an area with nerve endings, which can make them easier to identify but also significantly more uncomfortable. Patients with external hemorrhoids usually report experiencing acute pain or discomfort, especially during bowel movements. However, these symptoms may flare up only every so often, making it difficult to tell whether the discomfort is actually hemorrhoid-related.

Many of those with external hemorrhoids also have symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. While a licensed physician is the only one who can give you a dependable diagnosis, these are some symptoms that typically indicate an external hemorrhoid problem:

  • Mild but consistent itching around the rectal area
  • Pain around the anal area, ranging from mild to severe
  • Swelling around the anus

You may also notice your external hemorrhoids particularly swell when bearing down during a bowel movement. Be sure to limit your time on the toilet to two minutes as additional straining can worsen your external hemorrhoids. If you find that you frequently have to strain to pass bowel movements, try to increase your fiber and water intake. Eating foods with fiber is the most beneficial way to get this carbohydrate, but you can also take fiber supplements. The recommended intake is 20 to 30 grams per day.

Signs Your Hemorrhoids Warrant A Doctor’s Visit

Therapy Choices for External Hemorrhoids

Your doctor may also check for blood in the stool, examine the muscle tone of your anus, and perform a rectal exam to diagnose internal hemorrhoids. This is done in the doctor’s office with a gloved, lubricated finger and an anoscope . Your doctor may also recommend additional tests to rule out other causes of bleeding, especially if you are over age 40.

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Types Of Hemorrhoids: Internal And External

Hemorrhoids are either internal or external.

Internal Hemorrhoids These hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum and are not usually visible to the naked eye. Internal hemorrhoids generally don’t hurt, but they often bleed painlessly.

In some cases, internal hemorrhoids may protrude through the anus and can be seen, which is known as becoming prolapsed. When this happens, they will usually shrink back inside the rectum on their own or can be pushed back in.

External Hemorrhoids These hemorrhoids develop under the skin around the outside of the anus. These are the most uncomfortable hemorrhoids and can be itchy or painful, and may feel lumpy. When a blood clot forms within an external hemorrhoid, this is known as a thrombosed hemorrhoid, which can result in severe, ongoing pain. Sometimes clots dissolve on their own, but if they dont, your doctor can remove the clot, a procedure thats most effective if done within 72 hours of the clot forming.

How Do Foods Influence Hemorrhoids Diet

Diet is believed to have a big impact in causingand preventinghemorrhoids. People who consistently eat a high-fiber diet are less likely to get hemorrhoids, while those people who prefer a diet high in processed foods face a higher hemorrhoid risk.

A low-fiber diet can leave you constipated, which can contribute to hemorrhoids in two way. For one, it promotes straining on the toilet. It also aggravates the hemorrhoids by producing hard stools that further irritate the swollen veins.

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Laser Treatment For External And Internal Hemorrhoids

The topic of this article is the use of lasers to treat external and internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be painful, itchy, and irritated. They usually present as a lump under the skin that may bleed or become ulcerated. Internal hemorrhoids are less common than external hemorrhoids, but they can be just as painful. Piles are masses of swollen tissue that can cause rectal bleeding or protrude from the anus.

Hemorrhoids are diseased veins in and around the anus area that can cause pain, discomfort, itching, or bleeding. Laser treatment is one of many medical options for treating both external and internal hemorrhoids. A laser is applied externally to shrink the swollen tissue, or a laser fiber is inserted internally for removal of the afflicted tissue. The healing process then starts immediately after treatment.

Many people suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of hemorrhoids, and over-the-counter treatments are often ineffective. It is best to have a doctor examine the area and recommend treatment options. A new procedure that is becoming increasingly popular is laser treatment for external and internal hemorrhoids. This treatment uses laser energy to cut off circulation to the hemorrhoid, causing it to shrink and eventually fall off .

Risk Factors For Hemorrhoids

Internal Vs External Hemorrhoids – Do I have Internal or External Hemorrhoids?

Several risk factors have been claimed to be the etiologies of hemorrhoid development including aging, obesity, abdominal obesity, depressive mood and pregnancy. Meanwhile, some conditions related to increased intraabdominal pressure, such as constipation and prolonged straining, are widely believed to cause hemorrhoids as a result of compromised venous drainage of hemorrhoid plexus. Some types of food and lifestyle, including low fiber diet, spicy foods and alcohol intake, was reported to link with the development of hemorrhoids and the aggravation of acute hemorrhoid symptoms.

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Can I Swim With Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Swimming is an excellent exercise for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

You can swim with both external and internal hemorrhoids. Swimming is a helpful activity because there are less chaffing and pressure on the existing hemorrhoids, lessening the symptoms of pain, discomfort, and itching.

Bleeding hemorrhoids mostly refers to the symptom caused by internal hemorrhoids.

Swimming won’t result in hemorrhoid bleeding, but if you do suffer from internal hemorrhoids, you may see blood after a bowel movement.

Exercise is encouraged to help subside hemorrhoid flare-ups, but it is essential to choose an activity that does not worsen your symptoms.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids

As uncomfortable as hemorrhoids can be, the good news is there are treatment options and they are usually a temporary ailment. There are natural options, dietary changes and medications available to treat hemorrhoids. Before taking or using anything to treat, be sure to check with your healthcare provider.

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Can Bleeding Hemorrhoids Cause Cancer

Hemorrhoids are a separate condition not known to cause cancer. Often, blood on your toilet paper is the only sign of the existence of internal hemorrhoids. It is usually painless, occurring after a bowel movement or straining on the toilet.

If you have bleeding hemorrhoids, even if it is painless, let your doctor know. Hemorrhoids are the most common cause of rectal bleeding, and this chronic condition is experienced by half of the adult population over the age of 50.

When it comes to gastrointestinal issues, you will want to consult your doctor just in case it isn’t a separate condition.

How Do Healthcare Providers Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids: Expanded Version

You should see your healthcare provider if symptoms get worse or interfere with your daily life or sleep. Also seek help if signs dont improve after a week of at-home treatments. Your provider may treat hemorrhoids with:

  • Rubber band ligation: A small rubber band placed around the base of a hemorrhoid cuts off blood supply to the vein.
  • Electrocoagulation: An electric current stops blood flow to a hemorrhoid.
  • Infrared coagulation: A small probe inserted into the rectum transmits heat to get rid of the hemorrhoid.
  • Sclerotherapy: A chemical injected into the swollen vein destroys hemorrhoid tissue.

Surgical treatments include:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy: Surgery removes large external hemorrhoids or prolapsed internal ones.
  • Hemorrhoid stapling: A stapling instrument removes an internal hemorrhoid. Or it pulls a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid back inside the anus and holds it there.

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Some People Use Witch Hazel To Treat Hemorrhoids

There are many natural remedies that people use to treat hemorrhoids. Some people have used witch hazel with success. Witch hazel is an astringent which helps shrink swollen tissue and soothes the skin. The alcohol in the witch hazel helps dry up blood and other discharge, which leads to reduced swelling and pain. It also can prevent infection by killing bacteria and other microbes that may be present.

There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids. Some people try topical treatments such as witch hazel. These treatments have a variety of uses and can provide relief for symptoms of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel, also known as Hamamelis virginiana, is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to eastern North America. It is known for its astringent properties which make it popular in skin care products like soaps, shampoos, and lotions.

Some people use witch hazel to treat hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is a nontoxic, natural astringent made from the bark and leaves of the hamamelis virginiana tree. This plant has been used for centuries for a variety of medical purposes, including treating skin conditions like sunburns and spider bites.

Why Do External Hemorrhoids Itch

External hemorrhoids often cause moderate to severe itching around the anus. The itching comes from the inflammation of your anal area.

As inflammation increases due to external hemorrhoids, the intensity of your itching will increase as well.

For a list of products that can help, take a look at our guides below.

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For Seriously Bad Hemorrhoids Talk To Your Doctor About Surgical Options

If youve tried home remedies and in-office procedures but your hemorrhoids are still making you miserable, it might be time to ask your doctor about surgery. Recovery from the surgical removal of hemorrhoids can be extremely painful, notes Dr. Bernstein, but its one of the most effective ways to get rid of hemorrhoids for good.

Another surgical option is having your hemorrhoids stapled into place. This is a less painful procedure compared to a hemorrhoidectomy, but it does come with a greater risk of relapse and is not recommended if you have anal sex, as staples can cause injury, notes Dr. Ky.

When to see a doctor for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be a massive pain, but thankfully, symptoms typically go away within a week. If you still have symptoms of hemorrhoids after a week of self-care measures or youre experiencing severe pain or bleeding, seek medical attention immediately, says Dr. Thomas.

Its important to note that sometimes what might seem like symptoms of hemorrhoids could indicate something more serious. Less commonly, rectal bleeding can also be a sign of diseases such as colorectal cancer or anal cancer. Make sure to get checked out if you notice large amounts of bleeding or other changes in your bowel habits like a different stool color or consistency.

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