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Preparation H Cream For Internal Hemorrhoids

Naticura Alleviate Hemorrhoid Cream

How to Apply Preparation H® Ointment with an Applicator

Naticura Cream is designed to target painful symptoms of hemorrhoids such as itching, burning, bleeding, and discomfort.

Naticuraâs formula is comprised of a combination of natural ingredients such as shea, coconut, cocoa, peppermint, and numerous plant extracts.

Naticura relies on anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients as well as their healing effects.

Naticura Alleviate Cream prides itself on having no artificial preservatives or fragrances, no parabens or steroids, no chemicals or alcohol, and using only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

The benefits of Naticura include:

  • Alleviating pain associated with hemorrhoids
  • Acting as a lubricant and protectant for delicate hemorrhoid skin
  • Working as a natural anesthetic for painful bowel movements
  • Calms burning and itching sensations
  • Eases the swelling of hemorrhoid blood vessels to encourage shrinkage

The plant extracts in Naticura Alleviate Creamâs formula have astringent, anti-inflammatory properties that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat digestive disorders and irritating skin conditions.

Naticura Alleviateâs ingredients include:

  • Calendula
  • Beeswax

These ingredients are multipurpose in the effects of lubricating to prevent friction and discomfort from movement, numbing to subside hemorrhoid pain, and anti-inflammatory to encourage quicker recovery from painful hemorrhoids.

Plus, where is the product actually manufactured?

How Do You Shrink A Hemorrhoid Lump

A doctor will place a small, tight band around the hemorrhoid to cut off circulation to the tissue and allow it to fall off. Sclerotherapy, during which a doctor injects a chemical medication into the hemorrhoid to shrink it. Doctors may also use heat, light, or freezing temperatures to achieve this.

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Best Soak: Thena Natural Wellness Organic Sitz Bath Soak

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Made with soothing, natural oils

  • Safe to use during pregnancy

  • Softens skin

  • May irritate sensitive skin

A sitz bath can be an incredibly soothing treatment for hemorrhoids and postpartum care, with both the warm water and the Epsom salts content working wonders for irritated, delicate skin.

During a sitz bath, you soak the rectal area in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, two to three times daily, says Dr. Arturo Bravo, a gastroenterologist at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. Sitz baths work by improving blood flow and relaxing the muscle around the anus, called the internal anal sphincter.

This sitz bath made by Thena, which includes Epsom salts and dead sea salt as well as nourishing coconut and magnesium oils, is both soothing and healing, reducing inflammation while repairing tissue damage. It can be dissolved into a special sitz device or simply blended into a warm bath within your tub.

Active Ingredients: 100% pure natural Epsom salts, 100% pure natural dead sea salt, organic coconut oil, and other natural oils | Dose: 1/2 cup for a sitz bath | Uses: Hemorrhoid relief during a sitz bath

  • Offers itch and pain relief

  • Can stain clothing

While the first line of defense for most people with hemorrhoids is medicated creams and ointments, pregnant women have to take a pause before running to the pharmacy for an OTC drug.

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Causes Of Rectal Bleeding

Rectal Bleeding may be caused by hemorrhoids or something more serious. Find out what is causing your bleeding and get the right help.

The most common cause of rectal bleeding is from internal hemorrhoids. The blood is typically bright red and associated with bowel movements. It may be noticed on the tissue paper, on the surface of the stool, or drip into the bowel. The bleeding is typically mild and intermittent but occasionally is massive and causes anemia. Internal hemorrhoids are present in everyone. If they become dilated the blood vessels become friable and bleed. There may be associated rectal pain, swelling, itching, incomplete evacuation of stool, or leakage of stool.

Black Tarry stools are usually due to digested blood from the stomach or esophagus. There may be an ulcer, inflammation-gastritis, or varices-dilated blood vessels from cirrhosis of the liver. Black licorice, lead, iron, or Pepto Bismol can also cause black stools.

Red or maroon-colored stools, which may be foul smelling, is referred to as hematochezia or lower GI bleeding. Causes include diverticulosis, angiodysplasia, inflammatory bowel disease, polyps, cancer, colitis, radiation damage, or due to a connection between the colon and the aorta following aortic surgery and graft placement. This bleeding may be life threatening and requires immediate hospitalization.

Can Preparation H Be Used Internally For Internal Hemorrhoids

Preparation H Anti

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External Or Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Another term for external hemorrhoids is prolapsed hemorrhoids. In other words, the hemorrhoid protrudes from the anus.

External or prolapsed hemorrhoids are much more susceptible to becoming thrombosed.

The reason for this is that the part of the hemorrhoid that is protruding from your anus has a hard time getting adequate blood flow because of the sphincter muscle of your anus cutting off the blood supply.

The end result can be the formation of a blood clot, which usually is discovered by a sudden onset of piercing pain.

The hemorrhoid pain is usually so bad that you will have difficulty sitting.

So what type of hemorrhoids do you have?

Severity Of Ruptured Hemorrhoids

If the hemorrhoid bursts, an emergency care must be sought. The serious complication thats caused by excess blood loss are dizziness, faintness or even hypotension/shock. However, per rectal bleeding can also be a particular sign of other disease conditions, such as colorectal and anal canal cancer. Owning to the fact that these conditions mutually share the certain presentations, careful physical examination and subsequent appropriate diagnostic tests conducted by expert specialists are highly recommended.

Once the hemorrhoid bursts, an immediate care should be provided as to follow the steps:

  • Gentle compression using clean soft cloths or sanitary napkins to stop the bleeding.
  • Apply cold compression or cold sitz bath to reduce the inflammation and to stop the bleeding.

If per rectal bleeding persists and the following symptoms develop: palpitation, dizziness, faintness and cold hands and/or feet, an immediate medical attention must be obtained.

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Best Cooling: Truremedy Remedy Hemorrhoid Balm

This cooling balm gets to work fast to reduce hemorrhoid-causing burning, swelling, and itchiness with its essential oil-fortified formula, which includes tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary in addition to witch hazel, arnica, and yarrow. Additionally, it helps eliminate bacteria and prevents future flare-ups by keeping the affected area soothed and balanced.

You can put it in the refrigerator so its extra cooling, . I actually noticed immediate relief when I put it on, and the next morning everything calmed down. I feel like it goes a long way too, and those other creams I feel like I use so much in the tubes never last.

How Long Does A Bleeding Hemorrhoid Last

How to Insert a Preparation H® Suppository for Hemorrhoid Relief

If you have some bleeding but also continue to have pain or discomfort, you likely have bleeding hemorrhoid, rather than a burst hemorrhoid. Find out more about bleeding hemorrhoids and how to handle them. Bleeding from a burst hemorrhoid can last anywhere from a couple of seconds to several minutes.

A warm bath can help relieve hemorrhoid pain and irritation. Not all bleeding hemorrhoids require medical treatment.

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Coconut Oil For A Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Coconut oil can be used to treat the swelling, discomfort, and inflammation associated with external hemorrhoids. Because it has analgesic properties, coconut oil can help kill the pain associated with thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Its strong anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce swelling and inflammation. Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties that help speed up the healing process.

The best coconut oil for hemorrhoids is organic, virgin coconut oil. This is the least processed variety you can find, so it is the best quality to use for medicinal purposes.

To treat hemorrhoids, there are many options of how you can use coconut oil.

  • It can be incorporated into your diet to prevent hemorrhoids.
  • When mixed with witch hazel, it can be applied to the hemorrhoid several times a day.
  • It can be shaped into a small cylinder and used as a suppository.
  • Mixing coconut oil with turmeric is a powerful combination that can be applied directly to your hemorrhoids.
  • It can be added to a warm bath to help soothe and shrink your hemorrhoids.
  • While coconut oil is a natural treatment that is effective, there are some side effects.

    Because coconut oil can upset the digestive tract and cause diarrhea, it should not be used if your hemorrhoids are caused by diarrhea.

    This may further aggravate your hemorrhoids, making them worse.

    Symptoms Of External Hemorrhoids

    • Feeling a hard or painful lump near the anus area that might contain blood that is coagulated. Hemorrhoids that carry blood in them are termed Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids.
    • As soon as you pass the stool, you might still feel that you havent passed the entire stool inside your excretory system.
    • If you check your stool, you might notice brightly colored red spots of blood all over the stool you just passed.
    • You experience pain as you try to pass the stool.
    • The area in and around the anus gets red, sore, and itchy.

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    Best Topical Treatments For Hemorrhoids

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    How To Use Hemorrhoid Cream

    Preparation H Cream(25g) with Bio

    Hemorrhoid cream is widely available in big box stores, pharmacies, and even grocery stores. It is an inexpensive and effective way to reduce the pain, burning, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoid swelling. The creams aim at ameliorating the symptoms of hemorrhoids, however they do little to actually treat them and prevent them from recurring. They provide an effective solution for relieving hemorrhoid symptoms, but hemorrhoid symptoms that do not go away on their own require additional treatment from a colorectal specialist.

    You can apply hemorrhoid cream around the outside of your anus, or internally. The techniques you will use to apply the cream depends on whether you have symptoms of internal or external hemorrhoids and where you need to apply the cream.

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    Medical Treatment For Your Hemorrhoids

    Dr. Rivas develops personalized hemorrhoid treatment plans after completing a thorough examination. The treatments we recommend may depend on the type of hemorrhoids, as well as your symptoms. Initially, we may suggest lifestyle changes to ease your pain, such as increasing your intake of fiber and water to improve bowel movements and sitz baths to alleviate pain and discomfort.

    However, when at-home treatments fail, Dr. Rivas may suggest a procedure to destroy or remove your hemorrhoids, such as:

    • Rubber band ligation
    • Infrared, laser, or bipolar coagulation
    • Thrombectomy

    Preparation H Medicated Wipes

    Preparation H medicated wipes are ideal for everyday mild use such as when cleansing your bottom each after bowel movement to lessen irritation when using ordinary toilet tissue. These wipes can make the surrounded area extra clean reducing the risks for more serious skin damage.

    It can relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids such as burning and itching making it a handy effective relief for the symptoms. It can be used even when you are not experiencing flare-ups. It is gentle for everyday use, septic safe and offers extreme comfort as it soothes and cools the affected area.

    Preparation H medicated wipes can be used along with the cream preparation for best results.

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    Equate Maximum Strength Hemorrhoidal Cream

    Equate Maximum Strength Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Cream is one of the top-rated hemorrhoid treatments available on the market today. Using a variety of ingredients from the extract of aloe plants to lubricants, Equate helps soothe hemorrhoid pain while calming inflammation.

    Equate Maximum Strength helps makes bowel movements less painful. With each use, Equate works to relieve symptoms of burning and itching in the anorectal area.

    Equate Maximum Strength treats the following symptoms associated with hemorrhoids:

    • Painful itching, burning, and discomfort of the anal area
    • Inflamed hemorrhoid tissue
    • Temporary protection of external anal surface
    • Pain associated with bowel movements

    The active ingredient in Equate Maximum Strength is:

    • 1% hydrocortisone

    The inactive ingredients in Equate Maximum Strength are:

    • Aloe Barbedensis Leaf Juice
    • Stearyl Alcohol
    • Tocopheryl Acetate

    Equate Maximum Strength is a modestly priced at $3.28 for stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Target, but tends to be a little more expensive at $7 at online retailers such as Amazon.

    However, even at its highest price, Equate is still more cost-effective than numerous other hemorrhoid creams and even better, with proven results.

    Equate has received numerous high reviews on sites that carry it, with customers raving about the fast working effects in hemorrhoid symptom relief.

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    How Do Hemorrhoid Ointments Work

    How to Apply PREPARATION H® Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream

    Hemorrhoid ointments and creams should always be used exactly as prescribed. Always talk to your physician before using any over-the-counter medication.

    Most hemorrhoid ointments are used up to four times a day.

    Here are directions on how to use a hemorrhoid ointment:

    • Clean your rectum with a moist cloth or wipe before applying ointment.
    • Blot the area dry.
    • Do not place cream or ointment inside the rectum.
    • Use on the area around or just outside the rectum.
    • Wash your hands before and after applying the medication.
    • Hemorrhoid ointments should not be used longer than seven days. If symptoms do not improve after this time, speak with your physician.

    There are many ointments available on the market.

    Some have been specifically designed to treat certain symptoms, such as itching, pain, or burning.

    Many hemorrhoid ointments contain phenylephrine.

    Phenylephrine is a decongestant that shrinks blood vessels.

    Since hemorrhoids are caused by dilated blood vessels, ointments with phenylephrine are effective in treating hemorrhoids.

    Symptoms of pain, itching, and discomfort are generally caused by inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels.

    Ointments relieve symptoms by reducing inflammation.

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    The Anatomy Of Hemorrhoids

    The anal opening is also referred to as the anal verge. Approximately 2 to 3 cm above this is an anatomical landmark known as the dentate or pectinate line, which is distinguished by a circular row of glands that secrete mucus that acts to lubricate the anal canal. Groups of normal submucosal vascular beds composed of supportive connective tissue, smooth muscle, and blood vessels surround the anal canal. When these beds enlarge, the result is hemorrhoids.2 The exact cause of the enlargement is open to further dispute, although the straining theory asserts that straining interrupts the tissues that support the vascular bundles, displacing them and leading to their congestion.4

    Preparation H Ointment Uses

    One of the main Preparation H Ointment uses is for the soothing relief of haemorrhoids . Haemorrhoids are lumps in and around the anus. There two types, external and internal. External haemorrhoids form under the skin around the anus, and internal haemorrhoids form in the lower rectum/lining of the anus.

    For most people haemorrhoids will often get better by themselves within a couple of days, but a few select people may need medication or even surgery to remove them. This is where the main Preparation H Ointment uses comes into play. Preparation H contains an ingredient called Phenylephrine, which works to constrict blood vessels, ultimately shrinking any haemorrhoids its applied to.

    If you would like to see more Preparation H Ointment uses, please carry on reading below, where we explain if it can be used for eye bags and tattoos.

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    Permanent Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

    Do you really need to treat your hemorrhoids? If your symptoms have persisted or come back over a period of time, the answer is usually yes.

    Home remedies for hemorrhoids may provide hemorrhoid relief for a period of time, but if symptoms come back or never completely go away, you may require help from a medical professional to get rid of your hemorrhoids for good.


    Hemorrhoidectomy is a form of surgery usually performed by a general surgeon or colorectal surgeon. Surgical hemorrhoidectomy is the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids. However, because it also has the highest complication rate and results in significant pain and downtime, it is often a last resort for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

    Physicians typically reserve hemorrhoid surgery for more advanced cases and will recommend less invasive therapies and/or lifestyle changes, like adding a fibre supplement to your diet, before resorting to hemorrhoid surgery.

    Non-Invasive Permanent Treatment

    While there are several forms of non-invasive treatment that can provide temporary hemorrhoid relief, very few are permanent. After hemorrhoid surgery, the rubber band ligation technique has the lowest recurrence rate, meaning hemorrhoids are the least likely to return.

    Heal Your Hemorrhoids

    Preparation H Ointment For Eye Bags

    Preparation H Hemorrhoidal Cream With Aloe

    Many skin care sites have posted information about how you can use Preparation H Ointment for eye bags and get somewhat good results. In theory, using Preparation H ointment for eye bags should work due to the nature of it restricting blood vessels and containing 1% hydrocortisone.

    However, the manufacturer of Preparation H ointment warns against using it around the eyes as it can cause injury if it were to accidently enter the eye. The skin around the eyes is also sensitive, meaning any cream or ointment could easily irritate it. This is why the manufacturer explicitly caution against using Preparation H Ointment for eye bags.

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