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Is There Over The Counter Medicine For Hemorrhoids

How To Use A Hemorrhoid Wipe

Best over the counter hemorrhoid treatment | Hemorrhoids | Hem Healer

Hemorrhoid wipes with witch hazel may be used when the area needs to be cleansed, such as after a bowel movement, and can be used before applying other topical treatments like creams and ointments. To use a hemorrhoid wipe, follow these steps*:

  • Open the wipes container or peel back the seal.
  • Pull out a new wipe and unfold.
  • Gently cleanse the hemorrhoid area with the wipe by blotting, patting, and wiping.
  • Repeat this process as necessary.
  • Discard wipe.
  • *Use as directed on the product label.

    You can also keep a folded wipe in place as a moist compress for up to 15 minutes to soothe the irritated area.

    How To Use Suppositories For Internal Piles

    Read the instructions in the leaflet that comes with the suppositories.

  • Go to the toilet beforehand if you need to.
  • Wash your hands before and afterwards. Also clean around your anus with mild soap and water, rinse and pat dry.
  • Unwrap the suppository.
  • Stand with one leg up on a chair or lie on your side with one leg bent and the other straight.
  • Gently push the suppository into your anus with the pointed end first. It needs to go in about 2cm to 3cm .
  • Sit or lie still for about 15 minutes. The suppository will melt inside your anus.
  • Best Pillow: Kieba Tailbone Cushion

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Some say the cushion is too stiff

    Sometimes the best hemorrhoid treatment is the one that gets your bum off hard surfaces, which can increase the pressure placed on hemorrhoids and worsen symptoms. A tailbone cushion, specially contoured to support your hips and pelvis while keeping your perineum from coming into contact with anything firm, is a solid complement to whatever other treatments or remedies you might be employing.

    This ergonomic pillow is also massively portable, featuring a non-slip bottom for safety, a removable, washable cover, and non-deflating foam. You can use it at home, at work, in the car, or anywhere your inflamed bottom may need a little extra comfort.

    Active Ingredients: Foam and velour cover | Dose: N/A | Uses: Reduces pressure on the pelvis and lower body and relieves hemorrhoid pain

    • Reapplication may be needed

    When itching is severe enough, it can be as bad as coping with pain. If hemorrhoid itch is becoming extremely uncomfortable, you likely need a formula with hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and quiet that frustrating itch.

    Active Ingredients: Hydrocortisone | Dose: Blot on affected area up to 4 times daily | Uses: For hemorrhoid and anal itching relief

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    What Treatments Are Available For Haemorrhoids & Piles

    Lifestyle changes

    Simple lifestyle changes can often be the answer to a mild case of piles, especially if constipation and over-straining were the cause.

    • By introducing more fibre into your diet, you can help make your stools softer and easier to pass, which will reduce the amount of straining .
    • Do not ignore the call to use the bathroom, it can lead to straining and haemorrhoids.
    • Be sure to drink plenty of water as dehydration can lead to constipation and then to piles.
    • Exercise helps to keep the bowels moving and thus can ease constipation and therefore piles.

    Over-the-counter treatments

    If you require medication, there are many different over-the-counter remedies available. These topical treatments include ointments, creams, sprays and suppositories. Anusol, Germoloids, Preparation H and Anodesyn are all treatments are designed to soothe irritation in and around the anus. They are zinc-based, which provides a barrier for the sore skin, to ease irritation and helping to prevent infection. Some also contain local anaesthetics to help to ease the pain of piles.

    Prescription-strength treatments

    Constipation treatment

    If your piles are the result of constipation then a laxative may be necessary. These are medicines designed to empty the bowel and relieve any straining associated with passing stools. See our constipation section for further information on laxatives and treating constipation.

    Treatment of serious

    How Can I Prevent Hemorrhoids

    The 8 Best Over

    Lifestyle and dietary changes are the best way to prevent hemorrhoids. Staying physically active and eating a nutritious, balanced diet help keep your bowel movements regular.

    Eat lots of high fiber foods and drink plenty of water to keep the digestive process moving correctly and prevent constipation.Regular exercise and avoiding sitting for long periods of time can also help prevent hemorrhoids.

    The most effective way to avoid constipation is to go to the bathroom when you first feel the urge. Delaying a bowel movement allows the bowel to reabsorb water from the stool. This makes stool harder when you finally do go.

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    Hemorrhoid Medication: When Why And Which Ones To Use

    A number of OTC creams, ointments, and pads that contain hydrocortisone or witch hazel are available to help relieve pain, swelling, and itching caused by hemorrhoids. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, doctors recommend using over-the-counter products for a week. If symptoms persist beyond a week, follow up with your doctor.

    Creams and suppositories containing hydrocortisone can cause the skin to weaken and thin, so they should not be used for more than a week. If any of these creams cause a rash or dry skin around the area, contact your healthcare provider.

    A fiber supplement, such as Metamucil , or a stool softener, such as Citrucel , can help prevent constipation.

    Avoid laxatives, which can lead to diarrhea and worsen hemorrhoid symptoms.

    Doctor Butler’s Ointment Uses Aloe Vera To Calm Itchy And Inflamed Skin

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    What Is Better For Hemorrhoid Pain Tylenol Or Ibup

    6 Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Tips – How Doctors Treat Hemorrhoids

    What is better for hemorrhooid pain? You may think the same, but they are two completely different things. While ibuprofen and acetaminophen can help alleviate the discomfort, you may want to talk to your doctor about the best treatment option. Hemorrhoids can be painful and uncomfortable, but they will typically go away on their own within a week or two. There are also many over-the-counter treatments available, including hemorrhoid creams and steroid pills.

    In addition to pain, hemorrhoids can cause blood in the anus or on the toilet paper. Sometimes, the pain will become so severe that you need to see a doctor. Internal hemorrhoids are often painless, but they may also bleed involuntarily. Occasionally, internal hemorrhoids may prolapse and require gentle pushing back in. If this happens, you should seek medical care immediately.

    If you suffer from mild pain, you may want to try Tylenol or ib up instead. Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen relieve pain and inflammation in the lower rectum. Moreover, they reduce the chances of hemorrhoid formation and inflammation. Moreover, ibuprofen can have harmful effects, so you should always seek medical help if you are experiencing severe symptoms.

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    A Herbal Oral Over The Counter Hemorrhoids Treatment For Relief And Cure

    Herbal remedies can both help relieve symptoms and actually heal the hemorrhoids in question.

    They work through a variety of means, including increasing circulation to the area, reducing inflammation, toning the vein walls to make them stronger, relieving pain, and soothing inflamed tissues.

    The biggest thing to remember with herbal over the counter hemorrhoid treatments is that they are still medications, and can interact badly with other medications you may be taking.

    If youre considering adding an herbal over the counter hemorrhoids treatment to your repertoire, study that herb carefully to make sure it wont interact badly with any other health condition you have or medication you take on a regular basis.

    How Are Haemorrhoids Diagnosed

    Diagnosis of haemorrhoids usually involves an examination of the anal passage to look for any swollen blood vessels. Your doctor may conduct one of the following tests.

    • Digital rectal examination, where your doctor puts on gloves and places a lubricated finger inside the back passage to gently feel for any abnormalities. This is likely to be uncomfortable but will probably not be painful.
    • Proctoscopy, where your doctor examines the inside of the rectum using a proctoscope to look for any swelling or other symptoms. Again, this may be uncomfortable but will probably not be painful.

    There is no need to feel embarrassed about these tests haemorrhoids are a common problem and your doctor is used to diagnosing and treating them.

    In some cases, your doctor may refer you to a surgeon who can assess your haemorrhoids and recommend a treatment.

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    What Causes Haemorrhoids

    Haemorrhoids are usually caused by constipation . Constipation causes you to strain when you go to the toilet. This puts pressure on the blood vessels in the anus, making them swell.

    Other things can increase the chance you will get haemorrhoids:

    • ageing
    • spending long periods of time on the toilet
    • regularly lifting heavy objects

    Haemorrhoids are particularly common during pregnancy. This is because constipation is quite common in pregnancy, but also:

    • the growing baby places pressure on the abdomen
    • there is more blood flowing through the body
    • the hormones produced during pregnancy soften the blood vessels

    Haemorrhoids may also be more common in some families than in others.

    Do Hemorrhoids Go Away


    Most hemorrhoids will go away without medical treatment within a few days. If they do not go away within a few days, you may try treatments at home such as warm baths, pain relief pills such as aspirin, and over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatments that can be purchased at a pharmacy. If painful hemorrhoids continue to bother you for more than 1-2 weeks, talk with your doctor. In rare cases, doctors may need to intervene with medical injections or surgery to remove hemorrhoids.

    Hemorrhoid symptoms may also come and go. To keep symptoms at bay, be sure to consume high-fiber foods and drink water, and avoid straining during bowel movement or sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time.

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    How To Use Hemorrhoid Cream

    Hemorrhoid creams are intended for topical use . They are generally suitable for adults. Always consult a doctor before using hemorrhoid cream on a child. To use a hemorrhoid cream, follow these steps:

  • When practical, gently clean the area with a wipe or other method and pat or blot dry before applying a cream.
  • Apply the cream externally or to the lower portion of the anal canal. Follow the label to determine how many times per day it can be used.
  • What Medicine Is Best For Hemorrhoids

    Oral medications might also enhance your comfort by decreasing pain and inflammation. Although, therere lots of orally taken medicines available for hemorrhoid inflammation, pain and swelling, but these are the best among them:

    Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen

    • Limit the number of pills you take, drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen can sometimes make hemorrhoids bleed more.


    • Hemovel is an over-the-counter pill that helps reduce the severity and duration of hemorrhoids.
    • The pill is discreet and easy to use.
    • The active ingredients are diosmin, which are anti-inflammatory and has venotonic properties
    • Unique formulation relieves symptoms, pain, swelling, and bleeding.
    • Simple and convenient dosing, 1 pill three times a day for 4 days, then 1 pill twice a day for 3 days.

    Daflon 500 mg

    • Daflon has seen to be a help for hemorrhoids sufferers according to numerous studies.
    • Dosing for Daflon is, 2 pills three times a day for 4 days and after that 2 pills two times a day for three days.
    • If hemorrhoids have not been relieved after 15 days you should consult a doctor.

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    How Are Haemorrhoids/piles Diagnosed

    Haemorrhoids/piles is a condition that is normally very easy for your doctor to diagnose – you should always seek a formal diagnosis on the first instance. It usually only involves a quick examination of the anal area. Sometimes a visual inspection is enough to identify external piles but there may also be the need to perform an internal examination, where a lubricated, gloved finger is inserted into the anus. This means your doctor will be able to feel for any abnormalities.

    In a small number of cases it may be deemed necessary for further internal examination. This will be done using a proctoscope. A proctoscope is a thin tube that has a light attached to one end. When inserted into a patients anus it will allow the doctor to see the entire anal canal and make an accurate diagnosis.

    After your initial diagnosis by your doctor it may be appropriate to self-treat your haemorrhoids as long as your symptoms have not changed or got worse since they were diagnosed. You should always check with your doctor if you have blood in your stools, especially if it is dark in colour or if your symptoms significantly change.

    What Are The Best Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

    Best Hemorrhoid Medicine OTC – Which Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Medicine Works?

    If youd prefer to avoid medication, or youd like to complement your treatment with at-home remedies, here are some ways you can alleviate your hemorrhoids at home:

    • Sitz baths: A regular sitz bath can relieve itching and irritation. Fill a tub with three to four inches of warm water and sit in it with your knees bent for about 10 to 15 minutes. Gently pat yourself dry with a towel afterwards. For an extra soothing effect, try adding Epsom salts to the bath.
    • Fiber supplements: These reduce hemorrhoid bleeding, inflammation, and enlargement by drawing water into your stool to make it easier to pass. A psyllium husk fiber supplement, such as Metamucil or a generic equivalent, is a good choice, although psyllium may cause gas or bloating. In that case, try a supplement containing wheat dextrin or methylcellulose .
    • Cold compress: Applying ice packs to the anus for 10-15 minutes can help reduce swelling and reduce discomfort. To avoid ice burns always place ice in a cloth or paper towel, and never apply it directly to the skin.
    • Aloe vera: Aloe vera has been used in many cultures for centuries to treat hemorrhoids due to its believed anti-inflammatory properties. Given the sensitivity of the area, only use pure aloe vera to treat hemorrhoids, and perform a patch test 24-48 hours on your inner wrist prior to application to check there is no allergic reaction.

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    Topical Over The Counter Hemorrhoids Creams And Oils

    Ah, here we come to the big bonanza of over the counter hemorrhoids treatments. The vast majority of over the counter remedies sold for hemorrhoids today are topical preparations. Although there are some that are oils, most you find will be in some sort of hemorrhoid cream. There are also herbal hemorrhoid creams that you might like to consider.

    H-Hemorrhoids is a bottle of pure essential oils that can treat hemorrhoids, while Neo Healar is a cream or suppository that works as well. Both can apparently be used internally as well, and these over the counter hemorrhoid treatments are wide ranging in their symptom relief, as they try and cover all the symptoms a hemorrhoid sufferer may come down with which makes them a bit different to the shop bought varieties.

    Topical preparation simply means its meant to go on your skin instead of by injection, inhalation or by mouth. On the not-so-bright side, such hemorrhoids creams and oils are only ever meant to be applied to external hemorrhoids. Theres not a single topical over the counter hemorrhoid treatment suitable for use on the mucus membrane that internal hemorrhoids are made of. External skin and internal mucus membrane absorb medications at different rates and amounts, so the dosage thats perfect for an external hemorrhoid would create a massive overdose if applied to an internal hemorrhoid.

    Who Is At Risk For External Hemorrhoids

    If your parents have had hemorrhoids, you may be more likely to have them as well. Hemorrhoids may also be caused by pregnancy.

    As we age, hemorrhoids can occur due to increased pressure caused by sitting a lot. And anything that causes you to strain during bowel movements can lead to external hemorrhoids.

    If youre not sure what the cause of your hemorrhoids may be, your doctor might be able to determine why.

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