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Ice Pack For Hemorrhoids Cvs

How Can I Take Care Of Myself

BEST ICE PACK FOR PAIN RELIEF | Peas Hot or Cold Therapy Pack Review

Always tell your healthcare provider when you have rectal bleeding. Although bleeding is often from hemorrhoids, more serious illnesses, such as colon cancer, can also cause bleeding.

Follow these guidelines to help prevent hemorrhoids and to relieve their discomfort:

  • Do not strain during bowel movements. The straining makes hemorrhoids swell.
  • Follow your high-fiber diet and drink plenty of water. If necessary, take a stool softener, such as Haleyâs M-O, psyllium, Metamucil or Citrucel, or mineral oil. Softer stools make it easier to empty the bowels and reduce pressure on the veins.
  • Ask your healthcare provider what nonprescription product you should buy to relieve pain and itching. Also, ask about any side effects of any medications prescribed for you.
  • Exercise regularly to help prevent constipation.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects when you have hemorrhoids. It may increase the pressure on the veins and make the hemorrhoids worse.

What Exactly Is A Hemorrhoid

  • Straining to have a bowel movement

Increased pressure when defecating causes some hemorrhoids to bleed. Straining to produce a bowel movement increases blood pressure, which may prompt the hemorrhoid to burst. Some are painless, only suspected by bloody toilet tissue or some blood in toilet water. Blood may also be found in the stool itself.

A number of over-the-counter treatments are available for hemorrhoids. However, some cases may require in-office medical treatment such as sclerotherapy or rubber band ligation.

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Does Ice Help Hemorrhoids

What can ice do for you? If youve ever experienced swelling, bruises, or even sprain, youve probably been told to put a frozen bag of peas or a big pack of ice on your injury. Cold packs sound familiar to you as you recall your days playing sports or falling hard on the playground.

Well, its time to relive your youth as youre treating your hemorrhoids because ice packs do in fact help reduce swelling. You can still use your supplements, suppositories, fancy creams, and pain relievers, but a good old-fashioned ice pack will quickly become your go-to solution to hemorrhoid symptoms.

Although there arent many studies that focus directly on the impact and helpfulness of ice packs on hemorrhoids, plenty of scientific research has deemed ice packs to be apart of the treatment process. Many hemorrhoid studies off-handedly mention ice packs as a way to reduce swelling, alleviate itching, and aid in relieving pain and discomfort, at least temporarily.

In a 2015 study conducted by the Australian College of Midwives, evidence was found to support the effectiveness of ice pack application to help subside pain, specifically in alleviating the postpartum perineal pain felt by women who gave birth for the first time.

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Home Remedy #3 Go Natural: Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel

There are several ingredients that provide natural, soothing effects that will help in your war against hemorrhoids.

Aloe vera and Witch Hazel are two of natures best ingredients that can help treat hemorrhoids.

They provide anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties which work to help the itching and irritation caused by hemorrhoids. Both are safe to use on internal and external hemorrhoids.

  • If you are treating external hemorrhoids, apply the ingredients directly to the affected area and slowly massage.

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Using Ice Packs On Your Hemorrhoids

Many specialists suggest using ice packs for hemorrhoids to lessen expansion, irritation, and pain. Outside heaps lie under the skin on the butt-centric area that causes a great deal of distresses while sitting as it is a physical issue to delicate tissues. So ice packs are a moment home solution for getting help from heaps. It will lessen expansion and irritation by decreasing the indications of heaps.

You have ice at home. Take spotless cotton and put a few cubes of ice on it. Make a pocket of ice with it. This turns into your very own brief hemorrhoid relief from the ice pack. Quick usage of a cold pack gives moment help from the pain related to hemorrhoids and it can even help you shrink your hemorrhoids.

Headaches: Ice Or Heat

The right treatment depends on the type of headache you have. Headaches caused from tension can benefit from heat therapy, which helps relax tight muscles throughout the neck and jaw, says Jeffrey Yellin, DPT, CSCS, at Professional Physical Therapy. Sinus headaches can also benefit from the use of heat therapy to help warm nasal passages and loosen some of the built-up secretions. Migraines, or other vascular induced headaches, tend to respond better with the use of cold therapy.

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Managing The Pain From Hemorrhoids

As many of you know, hemorrhoids can be very painful. In most cases, common over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be taken to relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids. Ibuprofen also has a benefit of being an anti-inflammatory drug, which can help reduce swelling. As always, one should use caution with both of these drugs, as taking too much can have damaging effects on your health. If your pain is too severe to be managed by recommended doses of these pain killers, talk to your doctor.

Why Do Some Doctors Recommend Hot Compress And Cold For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrwedge Hemorrhoid Treatment Ice Pack Review

Surprisingly, both hot and cold are of great benefit in treating hemorrhoid symptoms. A recent analysis compared the impact of warm vs. cold compress to alleviate hemorrhoid pain. The study observed that soaking hemorrhoids in warm water everyday for 2 weeks provided more relief than cold compress.

After putting ice packs, you can add warm compress as well. By switching back and forth, you get quick relief from the pain due to piles.

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How Do You Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids

If you are concerned that you may have hemorrhoids, external or internal, you have options. You may find it surprisingly simple to diagnose and find the proper external hemorrhoids treatment for you with time and attention. In many cases, you can get rid of external hemorrhoids in 48 hours. Once you understand the types of hemorrhoids and options for external hemorrhoids treatment, you will then have some tools to help shrink hemorrhoids and, at last, bring this common problem to its remedy.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera applied topically to the skin is soothing and helps speed healing. You can apply aloe vera gel directly to the affected area. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pressure and speed healing. Apply a bit of aloe vera gel to the sore area and massage gently. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you will irritate the area.

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Ice Or Heat For Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Using ice packs is the most efficient method to deal with thrombosed hemorrhoids compared to using heat-related methods. Manually, you can use an ice pack, or put squashed ice in a plastic sack. Cover it with a towel before you apply it to your butt.

Ice forestalls tissue harm and diminishes expansion and torment. But the most efficient way you can take care of your thrombosed hemorrhoids is by getting hemorrhoid ice packs that are available in the market right now.

They can last pretty long and can help you get rid of your hemorrhoid symptoms pretty effectively and thats what matters the most.

Medical Procedures To Shrink Hemorrhoids

Kabooti Hemorrhoid Donut Ring Seat Cushion with Cooling Relief for ...

If medications and remedies dont alleviate your discomfort and need further help, plenty of safe and fast procedures are available. Many methods only require one quick office visit. The risk of hemorrhoids returning is very low. And almost all of the procedures are minimally invasive, relatively painless, and produce lasting results.

Procedures include:

  • Traditional : The hemorrhoids are removed by an instrument, usually a scalpel. This is a standard procedure that easily keeps hemorrhoids from coming back.
  • Rubber Banding Ligation: Common and proven highly effective, the external hemorrhoids are banded near the base to cut off blood flow, allowing the unwanted skin tag to fall off naturally.
  • Infrared Therapy: This method uses an infrared laser to create fibrous tissue, preventing blood flow. This procedure will shrink hemorrhoids, and the skin tags will then fall right off.
  • Electrotherapy: Much like the traditional method, electrotherapy works by using a heated element, like a cautery pencil to remove the troublesome issue safely.
  • Cryotherapy: After a local anesthetic, the doctor will freeze and remove the hemorrhoid. This method may leave you with a small amount of discomfort and requires about two weeks of recovery.
  • Stapling: This method uses circular titanium staples and shares a similar goal with the same desired results as banding, infrared, and cryotherapy.

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Best For External Hemorrhoids: Anusol Plus Hemorrhoidal Ointment


  • Contains zinc for maximum skin healing and protection

  • Can be used longer than ointments with hydrocortisone

  • Prescription needed for a formulation with hydrocortisone

Getting your hands on a tube of Anusol Plus is worth every penny. Sergey V. Kantsevoy, MD, director of The Center for Therapeutic Endoscopy at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, says Anusol is the best treatment for external hemorrhoids and the one he recommends to his patients.

Zinc oxide is a powerful mineral often used to treat diaper rash on babies. Zinc goes a long way when it comes to healing and protecting sensitive, damaged skin. Anusol Plus also includes pramoxine, an analgesic, to numb the pain. If you want the version that contains hydrocortisone , your doctor can usually prescribe it.

Active Ingredients: Pramoxine Hydrochloride 1%, Zinc Sulfate 0.5% | Dose: Apply to affected area up to 5 times per day | Uses: Preventing and treating hemorrhoids

When To Stop Icing

The 10 minute ice time is really just a general guideline. What if you just canât tolerate 10 minutes of icing on an injured body part? Is there another way to know when to stop icing?

There is. You can use the CBAN method of icing. CBAN is an acronym that stands for cold, burn, ache, numb. Those are the sensations you should feel when applying ice to your injured body part.

When you first put ice on, it should feel cold. After keeping ice in place on your injured body part for a few minutes, you should feel a slight burning sensation. This should only last for a few minutes, and then it will be replaced by an ache.

After the aching, you will notice that the ice is making your skin feel numb. When you get to the numb feeling, it is time to remove the ice, regardless of the amount of time you have placed the ice on your body. The CBAN acronym simply uses your own bodyâs sensations to tell you when to remove the ice.

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Ease Pain And Itching

Take warm baths. Soak in a bathtub filled with a few inches of warm water for about 15 minutes at a time. Do it two or three times a day and after every bowel movement. If you want to wash the area, too, use unscented soap and donât scrub.

Pat gently afterward to dry. You can even use a blow dryer on a cool setting if that feels better.

There are also special âsitz bathsâ you can put directly on your toilet seat to make soaking easier.

Rub on relief. Over-the-counter wipes or creams with witch hazel can soothe pain and itch with no side effects. Donât use one with hydrocortisone for more than a week unless your doctor says itâs OK.

Ice it. Put a small cold pack on the trouble spot several times a day. It can dull pain and bring down the swelling for a little while.

Consider painkillers. An over-the-counter medicine, like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen, could help with soreness.

Donât scratch. You could damage the skin and make the irritation â and the itching â worse.

Choose cotton. Wear loose, soft underwear. It keeps the area aired out and stops moisture from building up, which can bother your hemorrhoids.

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Increase Your Dietary Fiber Intake

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Filling up on fibrous foods can bring regularity in your bowel movements. A healthy bowel function can help you prevent any future risks of piles.

Dietary fiber helps to create bulk in the intestine, which keeps your stools soft so that they can pass easily down the rectum and you do not have to strain during a bowel movement.

A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology supported the consistent beneficial effects of fiber consumption in the treatment of symptomatic and bleeding hemorrhoids.

Fiber-rich foods include:

  • Fresh fruits such as pears, bananas, apples, raspberries, and figs
  • Vegetables such as broccoli, green peas, and artichoke
  • Whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, and barley
  • Legumes such as beans and lentils


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Will Ice Packs Shrink Hemorrhoids

Using hemorrhoids ice packs will shrink hemorrhoids by a small portion almost instantly and it really works great without causing any side effects. Hemorrhoid ice packs are not actually endorsed by doctors and they are not exactly prescribed normally.

Whats more, that is whys utilizing it is considered as somewhat near OTC medication since it works by shrinking hemorrhoids. Treating hemorrhoid normally is something worth being thankful for since the scope of secondary effects are low and thats what matters in the initial stages of this condition.

Youll also get minimal side effects from using these hemorrhoid ice packs that work totally great as long as you use them. Yet, clearly, a few things you want to remember are that the present status of your condition matters since these ice packs must be utilized on a reasonable state of hemorrhoids and never on serious cases of hemorrhoids.

And after that, you want to recognize that the ice packs are not a permanent solution for treating your hemorrhoids condition. In case you have a serious state of hemorrhoids, you must know about the condition cause you clearly need forceful treatment strategies for extreme hemorrhoids and these ice packs are simply not forceful enough. Obviously, itd be smarter to examine it with your doctor prior to giving anything a shot.

Sciatic Pain: Ice Then Heat

Sciatic pain originates in the back and radiates pain or numbness down the leg. You might need a cold pack or heat pack placed on the lower back, not the leg. Oftentimes, people will attempt to utilize heat or ice to address symptoms at the location in which they occur, Yellin says. This may seem like a good idea in theory however, if the symptoms are neurological in nature and their root cause is closer to the spine, then applying ice at the spine is what is needed. Applying heat or ice where the symptoms are located, such as down the back of the leg or calf, will not do much.

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Hemorrhoid Treatment Plan With Cold Compress

Step 1: Hemorrhoids cold compress for 24 hours

Step 2: Use dietary fiber supplements to regulate bowel movements

Step 3: After bowel movement, warm Sitz bath with Epsom Salts

Step 4: Wipe with a non-plastic wet wipe.

Step 6: Heat therapy treatment

Step 7: Repeat steps 2-6 until symptoms are gone

Step 8: Treat with Doctor Butlers Advanced Protection & Prevention Formula to stop recurring irritation and discomfort before it begins.

Any questions?

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding anything we covered above by sending us an email or contacting our office via phone.

We thank you for reading and hope you find relief from hemorrhoid pain soon!

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Make Sure To Use Real Epsom Salt

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Epsom salt is different from the kind of salt you likely have in your kitchen. While they look similar, Epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate. Table salt is made of sodium chloride.

While there arent many clinical studies to back up its benefits, Epsom salt has been used for centuries to treat a range of things, including:

These benefits are likely linked to the magnesium in Epsom salt.

Where to buy

You can find Epsom salt in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Its also available online.

Epsom salt comes in different grades, depending on its intended use. To ensure youre getting Epsom salt thats safe for medicinal use, look for a drug facts box on the packaging or check to see thats its USP grade.

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