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Is Cranberry Juice Good For Hemorrhoids

Healthy Salad Dressing Tips While Dining Out

Why Cranberry Juice is Good For Your Heart – Men’s Health

1. Vinegars

Ask your server to bring to the table traditional varieties like balsamic and red wine vinegars or new combinations like champagne vinegar and muscat grape vinegar. Simply ask: Whats in the kitchen? What type of vinegars is the chef using? Then request that a bottle be brought out for your salad.

2. Lemon Juice

At home or in restaurants, always squeeze fresh lemon juice on cut pieces of apple and avocado to keep them from turning brown. And use lemon juice to add zest to many vegetables. It may even suffice as a salad dressing when youre really trying to lose weight.

3. Fresh Salsa

Again, find out whats in the restaurants kitchen. Sometimes there may be exotic salsas the chef has whipped up as a topping for seafood, like a fresh papaya and cilantro salsa, which would make a fabulous healthy salad dressing. Request that the chef not shake any salt on it.

4. Wasabi and Rice Vinegar

In Asian-style restaurants, add a lot of kick to your salads by adding a bit of wasabi to rice vinegar. Want it hotter? Add more wasabi. Stir and pour.

5. Shrimp-Cocktail-Style Dressing

If the menu has shrimp cocktail sauce, ask for some on the side with your salad. If there isnt any on the menu, make your own. Ask for catsup and a little horseradish, and a little dish to stir up the two ingredients.

6. Low-Calorie Vinaigrette

Ask for a cruet of olive, canola, or walnut oil and one of vinegar. Pour mostly vinegar with just a teaspoon of oil. Season with black pepper.

The Rise Of Weight Loss Resorts

In Europe and Asia, health retreats have existed for centuries. From thermal springs to monasteries, the affluent populations of the world have traveled far and wide to find the secrets to rejuvenate their bodies with holistic remedies aimed at vitalization. Fortunately for the weight conscious masses, weight loss resorts are now available to just about anyone, and while lengthy stays at these retreats fetch a substantial price, the result of being able to once again button pants or don a swim suit without shame is worth walking away with more than just a thin wallet.

While typically populated by the elite or affluent, wellness resorts have become a growing trend for vacationers in the U.S and abroad. There are more than two dozen wellness resorts in the U.S alone who offer weight loss programs to guests, and that number is rising as consumer demand increases. Its estimated that over stayed at a health resort in the U.S and that number is expected to rise in 2013.

Truth: All Plant Foods Are Rich In Polyphenols And Plant Sterols And Most Deliver Far More Polyphenols And Plant Sterols Than Does Olive Oil

Polyphenols are antioxidant plant compounds that are linked with better heart health, including less oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a process that inflames the arteries and heightens the risk of plaque rupture and heart attacks. Plant sterols are another plant chemical that interferes with cholesterol absorption from the gut and helps lower LDL cholesterol.

But the problem is: If youre relying on olive oil for your polyphenols and plant sterols, youve got to eat a lot more calories to get a decent amount of these phytochemicals, and eating lots of calories is just what Americans, with our epidemic rates of obesity, do not need.

A mere tablespoon of olive oil delivers a hefty 120 calories for a mere 30mg of polyphenols/plant sterols. By contrast, just 11 calories of green leafy lettuce gets you about the same amount of polyphenols/plant sterols.

This olive oil nutrition chart compares the nutrients in olive oil with the nutrients in green leafy lettuce.

And so much more. to open a chart comparing the nutrients in the same number of calories from green leafy lettuce and olive oil. Keep in mind, too, what mountains of research over the past several decades have told us. Consistently, the foods linked with healthier, longer, disease-free lives are foods rich in all kinds of nutrients vitamins, minerals, fiber, polyphenols, beta carotene, and so on. Yes, foods like leafy greens. Olive oil, by comparison, tallies up a whole lot of zeros.

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Why Are More People Going To Weight Loss Resorts For Vacation

In 2010, the CDC estimated that nearly 35% of all U.S adults are obese and medical costs associated with obesity hit a staggering $147 Billion. In contrast, a recent Gallup survey concluded that as many as 3 in 10 adults are trying to lose weight through diet and exercise. Its no mystery that Americans are becoming more conscious about their weight and taking determined action to do something about it. While weight loss resorts, in general, have yet to go thoroughly mainstream, an increasing number of Americans are embracing lifestyle change as a means to lose weight. Weight loss retreats are the perfect opportunity to catalyze lifestyle change and learn the healthy behaviors necessary to lose weight and keep it off.

A Child Can Be Perfectly Thin And Have Awful Risk Factors

100% Juice Cranberry

Explains Dr. Robert Vogel, leading cardiologist and professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, This study found correlates with obesity, but none were very strong, which is to say that a child can be perfectly thin and have awful risk factors.

Research in the 1990s also found that a healthy weight does not necessarily mean healthy arteries. The large multi-center study based at Louisiana State University Medical Center examined the autopsies of 1,532 young people ages 15 through 34 who died of external causes, principally trauma. While the overweight youth were more likely than their normal-weight peers to have early coronary artery disease, or fatty streaks, the normal-weight youth were hardly immune: 20% had fatty streaks. 4, 5

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Pomegranate Remedy For Piles

Siddha medicine is one of the worlds oldest medical system that originated in South India. Siddha medicine uses different parts pomegranate fruit and plant to treat piles. Here are some of these pomegranate remedies for your piles home treatment.

Ways to use pomegranate for piles

  • Use powder of pomegranate flowers. Get some flowers of pomegranate and dry them in shade. Grind the dried pomegranate flowers to get their powder. Have a teaspoon of this powder with honey on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
  • Burn the peel of pomegranate fruit. Peel the pomegranate fruit and separate its outer peel. Now burn this peel to get its ashes. Mix a teaspoonful of this ash in 200 ml of water and wash your anal region. Do it many times during the day. Continue this remedy for 7 days.
  • Boil the peel of pomegranate fruit. Put the peels of pomegranate in water and boil this water. Strain and have one glass each of this water in morning and evening. This is a quick remedy for piles which means you can get relief fast when using this remedy.
  • Drink pomegranate juice for bleeding piles. If you suffer from bleeding piles, drink a cup of pomegranate juice twice every day. Even cranberry juice can be taken for this purpose. Both of these fruits are hemostatics which means they have the ability to stop bleeding. Due to this quality of the fruits, they can heal your bleeding piles.

What Is Your Lifestyle Iq

Test Yourself, and Find Out

Think youre living a healthy life by following expert advice youve read online? Not so fast.

If youre getting your health and nutritional information from your friends Facebook pages, or even from a search engine, the information youre relying on may not be as trustworthy as it seems. Not all information is created equally, and unlike what the Pritikin experts have to say, the basis for many popular opinions are not grounded in science.

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Make Healthy Halloween Treats Together

Every summer in the Pritikin Family Program, kids love the hands-on cooking classes and, afterwards, eating their own creations. Set up shop in your own kitchen, and with the kids as sous chefs, create healthy tasty food at Halloween and year-round, like Pritikin Chef Anthonys Corn Bread.

Health Resort

Grilled Ratatouille With Brown Lemon Basmati Rice

What’s the Best Cranberry Juice? | Blind Taste Test Rankings

The Pritikin Eating Plan is proven in more than 100 peer-reviewed studies to have life-saving benefits like lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Plus, you aren’t losing your mind while losing weight. There’s no calorie counting, no hunger. Just plenty of healthy, whole foods deliciously prepared, like this recipe.

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I Owe It All To Pritikin Living

I had fun with everyone I met! says Shirley. I told them, Well, you can see I havent changed much since my Miss Subways days I owe it all to Pritikin living!

She had a ready audience, particularly since Ellen Hart herself, owner of Ellens Stardust Diner, is also a Miss Subways , a Pritikin fan, and a regular visitor to the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, Florida, for health and weight-loss vacations.

But most of all, Shirleys audience was so receptive because Shirley really does glow with good health.

In keeping with her Pritikin lifestyle, she exercises several times a week and eats well. She has superb blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, and needs no prescription medications. Thats right, none.

As I get older, Ive become so profoundly aware of how important my health is. I have many friends my age in their seventies and often younger who just arent feeling well, or theyve already died. I feel very lucky to have been part of Pritikin all these years to have learned long ago how to live well.

Does Cranberry Juice Make You Poop

Cranberry juice is the tart, refreshing drink many of us know as a method to reduce the risk for uncomfortable urinary tract infections .

But there are a lot of other rumors out there about cranberry juice too, including that it can help you poop if youre constipated.

Keep reading to find out if cranberry juice has not one but two reported health benefits, as well as some tips on constipation prevention and treatment.

There isnt a lot of research or data to suggest that cranberry juice can make you poop more than drinking any other liquid can.

Heres what we found out in our research.

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Healthy Mind Healthy Body

When our minds are positive and relaxed, were better able to adopt healthier lifestyles. We make healthier food choices, for example, and we exercise more regularly.

Last but not least, learning to decrease the frequency with which you experience anger can benefit not only you but everyone around you. With a little work on this difficult emotion, your body and your relationships can start healing.

Bring On The Bison Meat

Telman: Everfresh
Love red meat but trying to curtail your saturated fat intake?

Yes, you can get abs from losing weight through a safe and consistent exercise plan and a healthy eating strategy. However, perhaps youd benefit most from making a shift in your mindset.

Fans of bison meat say it has a sweet, rich flavor. We have plenty of fans right here at the Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa, where guests enjoy grass-fed, free-range bison entrees every Thursday night.

Of course, dont go overboard. One bison dish a week is the max, especially if youre trying to improve your cholesterol profile.

Pritikin recommendations for all animal protein foods are the following:

  • No more than one serving of animal protein per day. Fish and mollusks are preferable over crustaceans and lean white meat poultry. Crustaceans and lean poultry are preferable over lean red meat. A serving is about 3½ ounces cooked or the size of a deck of cards.
  • Optimally, limit crustaceans and poultry to no more than one serving per week and red meat to no more than one serving per month. If you prefer red meat weekly, substitute free-range, grass-fed bison in place of poultry.

You can buy grass-fed, free-range bison at many grocery stores across the United States, especially upscale, health-food-style chains like Whole Foods and Wild Oats, and online at sites like High Plains Bison.

Health Resort

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Truth: All Highfat Diets Promote Inflammation

Increased fat in the blood after fat-rich meals including meals rich in olive oil may also injure our arteries and promote heart disease because they increase inflammation.

And meal after meal, year after year, of high-fat, calorie-dense foods promotes weight gain, which leads to adverse changes in blood lipids as well as increased levels of inflammatory substances in the blood.

Whats really intriguing is that high-fat meals increase inflammation even when calorie intake is restricted and weight is lost. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, a diet high in fat raised an inflammatory protein in the blood by 25% despite the fact that the subjects lost weight. By contrast, CRP levels dropped by 43% when the subjects lost the same amount of weight on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet.

Never Drink Your Calories

The diet aisles of supermarkets are full of get slim protein shakes, but anytime you drink your calories, you do not get the satiety, or sense of fullness, that you get when you eat solid foods, explains Dr. Kenney. So liquid calories dont keep you from eating more later.

Worse yet, there are a lot of calories in these protein shakes. Just one 7-ounce serving is often 290 calories .

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Truth: Olive Oil In And Of Itself Does Not Lower Ldl Cholesterol

In just about every study purporting to show that people or animals lowered their LDL bad cholesterol levels after starting to use olive oil, the subjects used olive oil in place of other dietary fats, often saturated fats like butter, coconut oil, or lard. Well, of course LDL cholesterol is going to be lower when olive oil replaces butter. The total amount of saturated fat and/or cholesterol in the diet takes a tumble when butter is removed.

But the fact is: If you replace the olive oil in your diet with beans , your olive oil-enriched diet would end up producing significantly higher LDL cholesterol levels than your bean-enriched diet. Does that mean olive oil raises LDL cholesterol? Well, yes, compared to beans, but it lowers LDL cholesterol compared to butter.

The point is: Its not the addition of olive oil to a diet that is lowering LDL cholesterol levels when it replaces butter, Crisco shortening, or coconut oil. Rather, its the subtraction of arteryclogging fats and LDLcholesterol raising saturated fats, trans fats, and/or cholesterol.

Thats precisely what the official health claim allowed by the Food and Drug Administration states. Here are the claims exact words :

Unfortunately, though, what we usually hear in the media and see on olive oil bottles are only the words heart healthy. Gone are the FDAs many qualifiers. Gone, in effect, is the truth.

Roasted Salmon With Julienne Vegetables & Basil Jus

Cranberry Juice From Scratch | Homemade Simple And Easy

The healthiest animal food choices are omega-3-rich fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, and trout, advises the Pritikin Eating Plan. Most other fish, plus shelled mollusks like clams and scallops, are healthy choices, too. Enjoy fish tonight with this yummy recipe.

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Use Black Cumin Seeds

Black cumin is very effective in easing symptoms related to piles during pregnancy. Thymoquinone in black cumin has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Take few teaspoons or a handful of black cumin seeds and make a fine paste by adding water. Apply this paste to the rectal area and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Wash the area with warm water and pat dry. Apply the paste twice a day to get relief from the symptoms of piles.

Thin But With Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Sure, obesity contributes to these cardiovascular-related woes, but if we focus only on obesity, were missing the millions of thin children who are also at risk.

Since 2002, the Pritikin Family Health Camp at the Pritikin health resort in Florida has paid as much attention to childrens hearts as to their waistlines. Its summer 2015 program begins June 21.

At Pritikin, kids start out by getting all the major risk factors for heart disease evaluated, including LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose levels, and blood pressure.

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Dried Cranberries Health Benefits:

Boosts Immune System

Consuming a few dried cranberries will provide ample vitamin C for the daily diet. Vitamin C not only functions in enhancing iron absorption for enhanced blood circulation, but also works to improve immunity by white blood cells in the system. In addition, vitamin C is obligatory for growth and development of all body tissues and a key antioxidant for removing toxins from the system.

Maintains Heart Health

Being intrinsically high in potassium levels, this dry fruit assists in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. It also functions in promoting cardiac muscle activity, lowers the amounts of bad LDL cholesterol and raises levels of good HDL cholesterol. Dried cranberry is very advantageous in preventing instances of heart attacks and stroke and thereby contributes to a longer and healthier lifespan.

Relaxes Muscle Cramps

Dried cranberry is bestowed with the key mineral for optimal muscle function magnesium. The significantly high magnesium content in these dry fruits makes it an ideal option to provide relief from muscle sores and cramps. Moreover, post a high intensity workout, when muscles in the arms and legs are strained, eating a fistful of dried cranberries instantly alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Treats Constipation

Fortifies Bones

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Combats Urinary Tract Infection

Helps Cure Anemia

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