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Proctologist Or Gastroenterologist For Hemorrhoids

Here Is The List Of The Top 12 Reasons To Visit A Proctologist:

Can Piles OR Hemorrhoids grow back after Surgery?|Important FACT by Proctologist-Dr.Rajasekhar M R
  • A painful, red swelling on the buttocks which may be an abscess .
  • Rectal bleeding
  • A change in bowel habits, or change in the size of your bowel movement.
  • You have turned 50 years old and need a screening colonoscopy.
  • You have had polyps in the past and need a follow up colonoscopy
  • You have a strong family history of colon polyps or colorectal cancer and you need an evaluation for a genetic disorder.
  • You require an operation for diverticulitis , colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, also known as IBD .
  • You have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS and wish to find options to manage your disease.
  • A Proctologist At My Age

    As we age, issues that never would have drawn a second thought, seem to become front and center in our thinking and in our daily habits. Things like sore feet, difficulty seeing objects close up or far away and thinning hair readily come to mind. But, who would have ever thought that seeing a proctologist would have become a part of a yearly routine? What is a proctologist anyway?

    When Should You Go To The Doctor For Hemorrhoids

    Again, before assuming that your condition is hemorrhoids, it’s a good idea to see your doctor for an examination. After all, it’s difficult to take a look for yourself. If there is any bleeding, severe pain or fecal incontinence , you should definitely see the doctor. A large amount of bleeding or the sudden onset of severe pain means you should seek medical treatment immediately.

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    Hemorrhoid Treatment In California

    At inSite Digestive Health Care, we offer hemorrhoid therapy and nutritional coaching among several other on-site gastroenterology services as part of our commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare services to our patients throughout California.

    We understand how having hemorrhoids can cause embarrassment we assure you that we will treat your case with utmost confidentiality and respect.

    If you need to arrange a consultation with one of our GI experts, contact us at our office nearest you. You may also fill out this appointment request form. For your added convenience, we also offer telehealth services.

    Did You Hear This One

    What are the real differences between a colon and rectal surgeon, also known as a proctologist, and a gastroenterologist?

    There is an old joke known in medical circles. It goes something like this: What is the difference between an internist, a surgeon and a pathologist ? An internist knows everything but can do nothing. A surgeon knows nothing but can do everything. A pathologist, knows everything, and can do everything, but is too late. The actual joke is that these are stereotypes and physicians today are well trained in all aspects of patient care. However there is a bit of truth in the joke.

    Medical training has advanced tremendously in the last 100 years. Big cities such as Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are full of highly competent doctors, able to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of diseases. Patients often turn to a proctologist, also known as a colon and rectal surgeon for help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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    Diagnosis And Treatment Of Colorectal Conditions

    Dr. Pravin Gore from Wockhardt Hospitals shares an information about Proctologist.

    Your proctologist will ask about your symptoms and give you a physical exam. After narrowing down potential health conditions, they may:

    • Suggest diet changes that can improve your symptoms in the short term
    • Suggest over-the-counter or prescription medication
    • Do surgery to repair damage

    Proctologists usually suggest less-invasive treatment first. You may need to avoid certain foods or make lifestyle changes to improve your symptoms. If this works, you might not need medication or surgery.â

    If your condition gets worse, your proctologist may try a procedure to learn more about your condition and repair damage. Common colorectal procedures include:

    • Colonoscopy. Your doctor uses a small light and camera to inspect your lower digestive tract. They look for damage and signs that your bodily functions are affected by your health condition.
    • Bowel obstruction repair. If you have a blockage that doesnât resolve on its own, you may need surgery. In some cases, a blockage causes damage to your intestines that needs repairs during the removal. â
    • Hemorrhoid removal. Some hemorrhoids go away with time, but others stick around and affect your quality of life. Large, painful hemorrhoids are easy to remove to prevent further damage.

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    How Can I Prevent Hemorrhoids

    In the case of pregnancy and old age, hemorrhoids are more likely. However, there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your chances of developing them in everyday life.

    Actions you can take to reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids:

    • Lose weight Keeping to a healthy weight may prevent hemorrhoids.
    • Eat plenty of fiber Ensuring that your diet is balanced and your digestion is in tip-top condition can aid your avoidance of hemorrhoids.
    • Keep moving Exercising, and avoiding sitting down for long periods of time, can improve your chances of avoiding hemorrhoids. Did you know that hemorrhoids are a known risk for long-haul truckers and other drivers? If you currently sit at a desk for long periods of time, consider investing in a standing desk instead or taking breaks standing intermittently.

    Hemorrhoids dont have to be a cause for worry provided you drink plenty of water, look after yourself, and you dont wait to visit the toilet when you need to poop.

    Future Perspectives In The Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

    To date, it is obvious that, apart from oral flavonoids-based phlebotonic drugs, currently available medication for hemorrhoids has no or limited beneficial effects on bleeding and prolapsing. Since emerging evidence has suggested that perivascular inflammation, dysregulation of the vascular tone and vascular hyperplasia could play an important role in the development of hemorrhoids, the microcirculatory system of hemorrhoid tissue could be a potential and robust target for medical treatment. The combinations of vasoconstrictive and venoconstrictive agents, with or without anti-inflammatory drugs, might be a new pharmacological approach for hemorrhoids.

    If an intervention, either office-based procedure or surgery – is indicated, evidence-based approaches must be exercised. Day-case operation or ambulatory surgery should be fully developed together with an effective program for peri-operative care. Despite advances in office-based procedures and better surgical approaches, post-procedural pain and disease recurrence remain the most challenging problems in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Consequently, future researches and novel management of hemorrhoids may focus on how to minimize pain following a procedure and how to prevent recurrent hemorrhoids. Meanwhile, long-term results of newly or recently developed interventions are definitely required.

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    The Difference Big And Not So Big Collegiality

    To be clear however, there is a large amount of overlap and collaboration between the two specialties. It is a collegial and mutually beneficial relationship that helps in returning their mutual patients back to the road of health. A good physician always knows when to collaborate, and collaboration is common between the specialties.

    Who To See For Hemorrhoids

    What Kind Of Doctor Do You See For Hemorrhoid Removal

    In most cases, your family doctor or primary care physician can help you manage hemorrhoids. However, if your hemorrhoids are severe, you may need to see a doctor, such as a colorectal surgeon or a gastroenterologist. These specialists can provide more advanced hemorrhoid treatment, such as:

    • Rubber band ligation: A surgeon places a special medical-grade rubber band round the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off blood circulation. Within a week, the end of the hemorrhoid shrivels and falls off, leaving behind scar tissue.
    • Hemorrhoidectomy: This is an out-patient surgical procedure to remove hemorrhoids.
    • Hemorrhoid stapling: Used primarily for internal hemorrhoids, this procedure uses a stapling tool that removes tissue.
    • Sclerotherapy: This involves an injection of a chemical solution directly into the hemorrhoid to shrink it.
    • Infrared photocoagulation: Used only for internal hemorrhoids, this procedure directs an infrared light toward the hemorrhoid tissue to cause scars, which block blood flow to the hemorrhoids.
    • Electrocoagulation: Similar to infrared photocoagulation, this procedure uses electric current to cause scar tissue.

    Some people may be embarrassed to speak with their doctor about hemorrhoids, but the condition is so common that your doctor will not be surprised if you bring it up. Theres no need to live with the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Prompt treatment will allow you to live your life more comfortably.

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    What Does A Colorectal Surgeon Do

    A colorectal surgeon is fully trained and skilled to evaluate, diagnose and treat the following symptoms and conditions:

    • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Pilonidal Disease
    • Rectal Prolapse Rectocele
    • Ulcerative colitis

    Many colorectal surgeons practice both general surgery and colorectal surgery, and some choose to specialize only in colorectal surgery. They use techniques such as microsurgery, a surgical procedure performed under a microscope, or laparoscopy, a procedure that is minimally invasive and performed through one or more small incisions.

    What Does A Gastroenterologist Do

    A gastroenterologist is a doctor who has completed initial training in internal medicine and received further expertise and specialization in gastroenterology. Gastroenterologists are experts at diagnosing, treating, and preventing ailments of the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract.

    Gastroenterologists have basic training regarding the functions of the digestive system. They focus on conditions that affect the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine as well as biliary systems, such as the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts. Gastroenterologists can look inside the digestive tract using specialized instruments such as the endoscope. Endoscopy techniques are also used to remove polyps, stretch a narrowed esophagus or stop bleeding.

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    Differences Between Colorectal Surgeons And Gastroenterologists

    • Despite their similarities, colorectal surgeons and gastroenterologists are two different specialties.
    • Colorectal surgeons, for example, dont deal with issues related to stomach, pancreas, and liver disease. They dont deal with medical treatments for inflammatory bowel disease either thats a gastroenterologists area.
    • However, a colorectal surgeon may be necessary if the condition is bad enough to necessitate surgery.
    • Ultimately, colorectal surgery and gastroenterology are related but different specialties.

    Hemorrhoids And What To Do About Them

    Pick the BEST specialist for your hemorrhoids: Proctologist

    You can experience differing symptoms depending on the location of your hemorrhoids. Signs and symptoms of external hemorrhoids can include:

    • Pain and discomfort

    Unlike external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids usually can’t be seen, and often don’t cause obvious symptoms until or unless you’re having a bowel movement.

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    Hemorrhoids Can Be Treated And Dhat Can Help

    A colonoscopy may not be essential to diagnose hemorrhoids, but it can determine if you have hemorrhoids, colon polyps, colon cancer, or other problems in your lower digestive tract. Colonoscopies are simple procedures. According to iData Research, approximately 19 million colonoscopies are performed in the U.S. every year.

    Colonoscopies are non-invasive, safe medical procedures. They can help to determine the health of your lower digestive tract. DHAT is experienced in performing colonoscopies. They can schedule a colonoscopy for you and are glad to explain how you can prepare for the procedure, how it will be conducted, and the results you can expect to obtain.

    You may not need any surgery for hemorrhoids, but it you do, DHAT can also perform procedures that can reduce the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids and help you return to a pain and itch-free life. Bowel movements aren’t the most pleasant topic, but they’re a part of life for everyone. Don’t let hemorrhoids interfere with your comfort, your career, or an active, healthy lifestyle.

    If you do need a colonoscopy, your DHAT doctor can schedule and perform one for you. Its a relatively simple, out-patient procedure that in most cases will take only a couple hours of your day. And during the procedure, your doctor can remove any polyps or other potentially abnormal tissue for further testing. To meet with a DHAT physician near you, make an appointment online, or call 1.800.818.8541.

    Hemorrhoid Care At Allegheny Health Network: Why Choose Us

    Our colorectal surgeons successfully treat minor to severe types of hemorrhoids in less-invasive ways. They can treat many hemorrhoid symptoms with an outpatient procedure in our offices, which allows you to be home resting just hours after treatment.

    People also choose us for our:

    • Extensive colorectal training: Our surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery. Not every physician who treats hemorrhoids has this certification. It denotes a high level of training and the ability to provide an expert level of care.
    • Surgical expertise: Our surgeons use sophisticated robots and techniques to safely treat hemorrhoids in difficult-to-reach locations. These innovations help you experience significant symptom relief for longer.
    • Symptom relief sooner: Our expertise coupled with same-day appointments help provide quick diagnoses so you can feel relief sooner â sometimes the same day we evaluate your symptoms.
    • Convenience: We offer diagnosis and treatment services at several hospitals and outpatient clinics in the surrounding community. This means you can get comprehensive hemorrhoid care, close to home.

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    How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last

    The question Im asked a lot by patients is: Can hemorrhoids go away on their own? Unfortunately, its not a simple yes/no answer.

    The length of time youre stuck with a hemorrhoid is dependent on a few factors. If you improve your diet, increase your water intake, apply a topical cream, and use damp toilet paper when wiping, you should alleviate your symptoms within a week if youre dealing with a mild external hemorrhoid.

    Unfortunately, if your hemorrhoid issue is more severe, making these changes is not going to be enough . When youre struggling with hemorrhoids that bleed a lot, or cause you severe discomfort whenever you sit down, you may be dealing with a chronic condition that requires specialist help.

    Are There Things I Can Do To Help My Hemorrhoids

    Dr. Kandaswamy

    One of the best things you can do if you have hemorrhoids is improve your bowel habits. Don’t avoid going to the bathroom: use it when you need it. Hemorrhoids can result from sitting on the toilet for long periods, so it’s wise to avoid reading while in the bathroom. Sit only as long as you need to, and wipe gently with unscented toilet paper or cleansing wipes. While scent in toilet paper and wipes can cover unpleasant bathroom odors, fragrance can irritate your skin: the last thing you need if you have hemorrhoids.

    Hemorrhoids are associated with constipation, which is the reason why clinicians tell people to get more fiber in their diet. High-fiber foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain breads, and wheat bran. Drinking enough water is also important to help prevent constipation.

    Getting enough exercise is also important to improve or prevent constipation. Getting at least half an hour a day of moderate exercise could help you to improve or prevent hemorrhoids.

    For a hemorrhoid flare-up, you can also take a sitz bath, which means sitting in a few inches of warm, not hot, bath water. Soaking for ten minutes can relieve itching and burning that accompanies hemorrhoids. A well-insulated ice pack can also reduce swelling and pain. Always make sure you have a cloth barrier between the ice pack and your skin to prevent skin damage.

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