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Doterra Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Cure Hemorrhoids: Coconut oil or Essential oils by Dr. Anand L by Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Mother Nature has given us some beautiful medicinal plants whose essential oils will work in concert with your body and give you relief:

  • Lavender essential oil: This likely wont surprise you because lavender oil is closely associated with the relaxation response it helps reduce inflammation with its potent antioxidant properties.
  • Frankincense essential oil: This age-old essential oil is known for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation as well as kill several types of infection-causing bacteria.
  • Turmeric essential oil: Turmeric oil provides pain relief by soothing inflamed skin and can help heal any fissures that may have developed
  • Calendula essential oil: Calendula reduces pain and swelling and aids in healing
  • Cypress essential oil: This oil has astringent properties that contract blood vessels and tighten tissues. Like lavender, Cypress supports the relaxation response.

Essential Oils To Avoid On Hemorrhoids

There are some essential oils you should not even consider trying on your hemorrhoids. While some of their properties may sound helpful for your discomfort or to promote healing, overall these oils are too strong and may hurt more than they help.

Avoid citrus oils such as

Although citrus is known as a fantastic antiseptic and antimicrobial, these would be too strong in this case and may cause more damage than good. We want to keep moisture and healthy skin cells for healing hemorrhoids. Citrus oils may also cause a stinging sensation more than anything.

Other Natural Treatments For Hemorrhoids

In more severe cases of hemorrhoids, some doctors may recommend surgery for fast relief, but in reality, surgery is a band-aid approach that has no guaranteed results.

This is why we recommend healing naturally and holistically, to stop hemorrhoids from coming back.

Here are some of the Home Remedies we recommend that have shown promising results to hundreds of women in our community:

Add more fiber to your diet. Drink plenty of water. Apply hemorrhoid creams or insert suppositories. Wear the right kind of underwear. Try sitting in a bathtub with warm water a few times a day. Place an ice pack on the hemorrhoids to reduce swelling. Take stool softeners occasionally.

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The Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

There are a few features to look for in an essential oil for hemorrhoids. Oils with a cooling or anti-inflammatory effect will bring down swelling and relieve pain. Antibacterial or antimicrobial oils will help prevent infection which is vitally important in this case. Here are are a few of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids:

Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids: Overview

Pin on Essential Oils

Certain types of essential oils are applied topically to relieve hemorrhoids.

However, true essential oils are extremely potent and may cause skin irritation unless they are diluted with a carrier oil . 3 to 5 drops of essential oil for every ounce of carrier oil is generally the appropriate amount.

Among the most beneficial essential oils are: Cypress essential oil reduces blood flow and promotes clotting.

Helichrysum essential oil massage it onto the abdomen to stimulate digestion and ease constipation.

Frankincense essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that soothe pain and treat hemorrhoids.

Tea tree oil a natural antiseptic that may help relieve pain, itching, and discomfort.

Coconut oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties and laxative effect that may aid in relieving constipation.

Other essential oils that may help are horse chestnut, peppermint, dill, myrtle, and cinnamon bark.

But there are so many brands in the market, how do I find the best one?

Good question. You cant just grab the first product you see on the display and assume that they all work the same. As essential oils become more popular, fake and low-quality products are becoming more common.

So take note, the best essential oils are usually:

Tightly sealed in a dark glass bottle light and heat may compromise essential oils so they should never be placed in a plastic container.

Are essential oils safe to use?

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How To Use Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Essential oils are very concentrated and may cause irritation when applied directly to the skin. Always dilute with water or a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil in a ratio of 1 drop of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier.

Once the essential oil has been diluted, you can apply a small amount directly to the affected area using a cotton pad. Alternatively, you can add some diluted essential oil to a wet wipe and use it to clean the area. Another option is to take a warm bath with a few drops of essential oil. This will allow you to benefit from both the topical and aromatherapy effects.

Finally, if you are suffering from a lot of pain and inflammation with your hemorrhoids, take a bowl of cool water, add 2-3 drops of essential oil and mix. Soak a cloth in the water and then squeeze it out to create a cold compress. Hold the compress against the area for minutes to calm inflammation.

Recipe #: Premium Recipe For Hemorrhoids


  • 5 drops if geranium essential oil
  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of chamomile essential oil
  • 40 drops of jojoba oil

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together in a clean, airtight, dark-colored glass bottle. After mixing the ingredients, store the bottle away from light and heat. Massage two drops of the blend on the painful hemorrhoids. You can use a glass spray bottle to apply the blend.

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Recipe #: Treatment For Bleeding Hemorrhoids


  • 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • 5 drops of geranium essential oil
  • 10 drops of Helichrysum essential oil
  • 10 drops of frankincense essential oil
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops of cypress essential oil
  • 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil

Directions: Combine the ingredients in a clean, amber glass bottle with a tight lid. Store the bottle away from sunlight and heat. Apply four drops of the blend on the affected parts for at least three times a day.

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Are Doterra Essential Oils Some Good Treatments For Internal And External Hemorrhoids

Though there are a lot of ways to relieve hemorrhoids, such as eating foods rich in fiber, hot sitz bath, and avoiding straining during defecation, many people still suffer from the signs and symptoms associated with it. Most people would even consult their physicians just to relieve them of a haemorrhoid. But what people dont know is that there are still other ways by which they can relieve the signs and symptoms without going to their doctor and spending a lot of money for it.

There are natural ways to relieve hemorrhoids, and doTERRA essential oils are some of them. What is an essential oil? It is a natural substance that is extracted from different plant parts, like seeds, stems and leaves. These substances produce a very aromatic scent and are believed to have a lot of benefits to health. If you have tried going to the spa or have an aromatherapy, most probably you have already encountered these oils and you have already experienced their rejuvenating properties.

Pain is one of the main symptoms of an existing haemorrhoid and these essential oils are believed to have the capacity to relieve it. This article will discuss three essential oils that can be used for this condition.

1. Myrrh

2. Geranium

3. Chamomile

There are a lot of symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and doTERRA essential oils can be used to relieve them. Myrrh, Geranium and Chamomile are just some of them.

Lavender Essential Oil For Hemorrhoids

Lavender essential oil is distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia. It is believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, sleep deficiency like insomnia, and eczema, which can be alternative problems faced by hemorrhoids patients.

Lavender essential oil is said to have antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, analgesic, detoxifying, hypertensive, and sedative effects on your body. Lavender is also the best recommended essential oil for Aromatherapy. It also promotes your body’s overall well-being by soothing the strained nerves, improving blood circulation, and relieving your body’s soreness, mainly when massaged with it.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil for hemorrhoids is clear with a yellow tinge in color and it has a medicinal, fresh herbaceous, woody fragrance. It is astringent, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, expectorant and balsamic. The oil is useful in easing pain from hemorrhoids and it does not strip your skin off nor does it cause any massive damage. Add two drops of tea tree to ten drops of castor oil. Then, soak a soft piece of fabric into the blend and apply gently on the affected area.

Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Pin by Ter Ter on essential oils

Relying on essential oils for hemorrhoids is an increasingly popular approach for people with this painful and slightly embarrassing medical condition.

This irritating condition can be caused by a number of things, ranging from genetic factors, obesity, and pregnancy to straining during bowel movements, lifting heavy objects, coughing, and sneezing. Basically, applying additional force or pressure in that area of the body can make the condition worse, and prevent the inflamed blood vessels and veins from healing properly. There are many medications and salves for this condition, but using essential oils for hemorrhoids is very popular due to their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and relaxant properties.

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What To Do If You Have Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are a common scenario during pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester. Some ladies face them for the very first time while theyre pregnant. And, if you have actually had them prior to pregnancy, youre most likely to have them once more now.

However, hemorrhoids that have developed during pregnancy will start to disappear quickly post-delivery, provided youre cautious and avoid being constipated.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are natural products which are generally safe to use while youre pregnant, as long as youre healthy and you know how to use them.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Treat Hemorrhoids

There are several ways you can use tea tree oil to treat hemorrhoids, but its important to note than none of them include taking the oil orally. Tea tree oil can be toxic when ingested.

Instead, topical treatments are the way to go. Tea tree oil comes in diluted form, which is less strong than the essential oil and may be more easily applied directly to the skin. Always dilute tea tree essential oil with a carrier oil. Mixing tea tree oil with other ingredients can further dilute it and help reduce negative skin reactions.

A mixture of a few drops of tea tree essential oil mixed with a tablespoon of coconut oil provides strong anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply this directly to the affected area using a cotton swab or cotton ball.

You can also mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a tablespoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of witch hazel or aloe. After mixing this combination well, use a cotton swab to apply it to your hemorrhoids directly.

You might also try adding tea tree oil directly to the warm water of a sitz bath. The water prevents contact from a formulation thats too strong or concentrated.

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Side Effects And Risks Of Using Tea Tree Oil

How to Use doTERRA Essential Oils for Winter Protection & Beautiful Skin

Tea tree oil is considered safe for the general public to use. That said, its a strong ingredient with powerful compounds, and it may cause some skin irritation if applied without being diluted first. Because of this, its often best to dilute tea tree oil with carrier oils like castor oil or coconut oil before applying it to the hemorrhoid.

Tea tree oil can also dry out the skin, so its best to use it in moderation.

For some individuals, tea tree oil may cause swelling as a result of skin irritation, worsening hemorrhoid symptoms. Cease use immediately if this occurs.

Its also possible that tea tree oil mixed with lavender may contain hormones that could disrupt the hormonal balance of boys who havent yet gone through puberty. Its unknown if this mixture would be safe for young girls to use.

Tea tree oil should only be applied topically. Taking it orally can lead to serious side effects, including confusion and difficulty with coordination.

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The Role Of Menthol Component

As a result, anytime the bowel moves, you dont feel the pain anymore. The key is using the oil regularly 1 or 2 times a day.

See the effect first, you feel something positive after applying it, you may continue the treatment. If it is not, you have to stop the treatment and consult with the doctor.

One thing for sure, using peppermint oil for hemorrhoids is possible and it makes you more comfortable by reducing the symptoms.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon bark essential oil stimulates healthy tissue growth and relieves inflammation, according to several studies. Applying cinnamon bark essential oil to an external hemorrhoid should be done carefully. Diluting 3 to 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil in 1 oz. of melted coconut oil or sweet almond oil produces ant-inflammatory effects. However, people with sensitive skin shouldnt use cinnamon essential oil topically.

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What Are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone. Neither men or women are more susceptible than the other, however they are fairly common in persons 50 years or older.

This irritation is triggered by digestive issues such as chronic constipation, diarrhea or other strain on the bowels such as the way you sit on the toilet.

Treating hemorrhoids with essential oils must be done correctly as it is a sensitive area. This means the right essential oils are properly mixed with the right carrier oils.

It is also important to note that you can only treat external hemorrhoids with essential oils, as it is not safe to consume or ingest essential oils in any manner. So now you may wonder, how do I choose a topical solution?

What Is A Sitz Bath

Pin on hemorrhoids treatment

A basic sitz bath definition: a pool of water that you sit in, with only your hips and bottom submerged. Common symptoms that may be relieved by this type of bath include minor pain, irritation and/or itching. Sitz baths dont have to include anything other than warm water, but it is an option to use other ingredients such as those found in this sitz bath recipe.

Sitz baths can be taken using a specially designed shallow, round basin that fits over your toilet seat. Looking for an alternative? Its also perfectly fine to use your bath tub as long as its clean.

If youre comparing a sitz bath versus regular bath, a major difference is that sitz bath instructions will direct you to use a shallow basin filled with water or a bath tub only filled up about four inches high, as opposed to a regular bath, where your entire body is submerged in water.

How does a sitz bath work? Soaking in warm water is known to boost blood flow while soothing unwanted symptoms like itching, irritation and pain. One study showed significant healing with the use of wet heat, which is exactly what a warm sitz bath is.

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Cypress Essential Oil For Hemorrhoids

For diluting this oil, you can mix 4-5 drops of cypress essential oil with carrier oils like jojoba or almond oil and then gently massage this mixture in the sensitive areas. You can also make DIY homemade herbal special soaps or intimate wash using cypress essential oil, which will heal hemorrhoids.

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What Will It Cost?

Costs vary widely. The best thing to do is consult with your insurance company. If you are not insured, you may encounter the following range of costs:

  • Rubber band ligation: $500 to $1500
  • Laser or infrared coagulation: $400 to 500 per treatment, with about four treatments on average needed
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: $9000 to $12,000

No More Hemorrhoids

As always, the best treatment is prevention. For most people, the key to preventing hemorrhoids is preventing hard stools. Hard stools lead to straining on the toilet straining leads to hemorrhoids. Hard stools bruise hemorrhoids, leading to bleeding hemorrhoids. Repeated instances of this behavior with no change in diet and lifestyle can lead to surgery. Lesson: eat right and exercise. Article Source:

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